Today was day for Mexican Food at work. Every once in a while our department will have a food day. usually on a Friday…it has been a long time since our last one. A couple of the employees had asked if we could do a Cinco De Mayo theme day… I thought about it..and thought WHY NOT! So we passed around a sign up..and there was quite a variety of food and fun as we worked ever so hard towards the weekend.

I had absolutely no idea what exactly Cinco De Mayo was— I had seen it on Hallmark Calendars… and figured what little Spanish I can figure out, that it meant 5th of May… but that was all I knew…

So each evening, as I was unwinding cinco de mayo food day 001at this computer at home..I found tid bits on cinco de Mayo. I printed them up and put them on colored paper, and after most had left last evening—the little history class  went up. This was the “food table” before it was heaped with food.

It was fun, people said they think it was the best food day yet. There was spicy and not so spicy… good for you  and not so good for you food.

The one thing that really has stuck in my mind is that Cinco De Mayo is for the Battle of Puebla where the Mexicans triumphed against France in 1862. Now the thing that I found amusing was that 4000 Mexicans fended off 6500 French Soldiers…. 5-de-mayo-renactment[1]and the war took 2 HOURS!!!  Now think about that. It was 1862…so all these guys had to get together and make a plan…than get on their fighting gear, hop on their horses, and attack. So that morning..these guys tell their loved ones they are going off to war… I’m sure there were tears of fear from the ones left behind… kids trying to make sense of daddy leaving… moms /wives in a turmoil trying to figure out how they were going to survive without their partners there…. I would have been moping..head hung low… a woe is me thing going… and shuffling my feet with each step…. wondering if I would ever see my man again….the hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach from the fractured heart….the worried soul… waiting for nightfall so I could cry myself to sleep…. as I was  be wallowing in the self pity I hear a noise from the doorway…and low and behold—HE IS BACK before dinner…

Saying something like “ Hi honey, what is for dinner..” I just find that amazing..a 2 hr war…. and we have been in Afghanistan since 2001!!!! We have so much $$ spent on this war…. “($1328775236636) taxpayers in the United States have spent to finance cinco de mayo food day 002both the War in Iraq ($803273652431) and the War in Afghanistan ($525501584205).”

and the Battle of Pueblo… can’t be that much!.

When I started my little research – I figured I was finding out stuff everyone else but me knew… but lo and behold… everyone seemed to get something out of the various fun facts.

So Happy Cinco De Mayo to you Should be a good weekend… enjoy.. Love to all, Mrs. Justa alias cindy