100_6086We are all experts in life… well at least it seems at times like we pretend to be. I find myself..and others seeming to know the pathways others are taking are not wise, or they seem to be very critical, or they are too cheap, or too lush..

Oh we see the errors of others ways.. But in reality—none of us know what is right for someone else.. not until we have walked at least a mile in their shoes.

Come on, I know you each have run across a friend or a relative.. and you wonder why they can not see what they are doing wrong? Or we wonder why they can not see a path they are headed down.

We shake our heads and go on in our life.

But news flash…. I bet dollars to donuts—those same people are trying to figure out why you are not doing things a certain way.

None of us are perfect enough to judge others.. We never will be… I do not think any of us were given the power to control or judge anyone.

We can teach our children, we can work closely with co-workers as peer support type people,we can work to train people as they are new to a job or an experience… but we can not judge people. No matter their age, no matter their race, no matter their behaviors…. We are maybe more apt to look at others—than spending the time looking at ourselves. I is easier to focus on others than on our own faults and weaknesses.

It hit me as I was in the ladies room… Sept sky fog 005at Denny’s.  These 2 VERY old women were talking as I was sitting there trying to do the business I went in there for. And they were talking about getting older, about how people misjudge them..thinking that their age is stopping them from being totally there… and they regretted that the body ages slowly—and not just all at once. But they kept coming back to how they are looked at, how they are treated, some people treat them like they are not smart, like they are deaf, like they are vulnerable…. … I felt guilty flushing the toilet and coming out of the stall..because it was a pretty intense conversation they were having… I felt like I was plopped into their world uninvited.. But alas—I came out ..at the sink one of the woman came out and looked at me… she was kind of frail appearing—but her spirit was STRONG>>> and she said.. “Honey, getting old is tough, the 90’s are no picnic. ! Look at stock-photo-elderly-frail-woman-not-having-enough-money-for-her-medication-8959864[1]me..I am just skin and bones… my brain is sharp—my body thin…but as I figure it.. God knows what He is doing..and I guess he wants me really thin when it is my turn to go to heaven….. “ I told her she was looking pretty good to me!… She said” I am going to be 90 on 5-12….yep I was born 5-12-22.” I told her Happy Birthday…. She said” I am tired of all the doctors…. I am tired of all the waiting rooms… But I am not quitting.” … she was a spunky lady… and as I walked out to the car… smiling.. I was wondering where her shoes have gone over these 90 years…. what roads in life led her to here…..

Love to all. Mrs Justa… alias Cindy