What a fun day!!

It was busy..but we had lots of fun. We got the kids this morning at about 8:30. Jeff and Amanda let us take their van and we left them with our pick up truck. We got the kids..they did work around their home.

3-26-2012 007Well the kids brought a pop up tent… and I had to laugh as the 3 of them (Preston, Brandon and Grandpa)…all had their pillow pets, a blanket each, some little battery operated lanterns, and toys ..in this little tent.

The kids were in and out of that tent for the entire day…

Later on they colored in the tent, the cat was in the tent… grandpa was good for one time in the tent with them . The kids are full of energy and simple things entertain them . Preston LOVES animals..and he spent a good portion of the day being very affectionate to the cat.. who liked the attention but also had enough of it at different times too!.

This afternoon- I had chicken baking in the oven… so I turned on the oven light, they brought in their blankets, and sat way back from the oven and watched the chicken bake. That was the neatest thing since sliced bread!. Amanda said she has them do it at home.. It really was a great safe way to watch the kids and cook.

3-26-2012 011We have one jig saw puzzle—and it was cool to see how Brandon was able to begin to figure out the concept more this time than last. Preston had laid down for his nap—and we were giving Brandon 15 minutes before he went in that room too..so Preston could fall asleep first. So we did the puzzle. Brandon needed coaching, but had such joy in getting the pieces together.

I gotta go get some manly puzzles for kids though..this one is 3 princesses. I was impressed how much they loved playing, and not the TV . Preston…he was cute… he has a blanket that is his Linus blanket… and boy.. do not let him think anyone else might take it!..

3-26-2012 012I was sitting at the table with them- and we were just talking.. Preston said something that made Brandon laugh..I have no idea what was so funny, but the 2 of them sat there and giggled.

It is neat to see how they are true brothers… they look out for one another..they love one another..they protect each other , they can love to hate one another at certain times…but at the end of the day…they are there for one another.

Yes, today was a great day…. I feel recharged..refreshed… and thankful for the day that has just passed by.

I hope you have had good weekend.. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy