100_2950Dilemma number 1,000,000,000 ..do we mow the ditches or not.

They are not deep ditches, but do need to be hand mowed. I like the clean cut look,, Mark is thinking he wants to try and just let them grow.

I am worried that if we do that and than change our minds..it will be a pain in the keester to get them cut. We have about400 feet of ditches. They line 2 streets.

They are super wet right now, we just got the mowers back from the shop for their tune ups and blade sharpening- I know the wet grass will dull the blades—so I am not mowing yet.. The ditches last week were so wet it was going over the rubber in my show, as I stepped on the sod that was misplaced by a couple cars going off the road.

I am the pusher 100_3793lawn mower person.. I think I will probably try to keep them looking groomed…. But it is still not totally settled…

Maybe tomorrow the ditches will have dried up some more. I wanted to popl by tonight and say hi though, as tomorrow will be kinda busy.. We get the boys for the day.. yippee… ( I had to laugh though) on facebook was a photo of them sitting next to each other  BOTH in time out… So let’s hope they have their naughty behavior worn out by tomorrow!

We do love spending time with them, they are different yet the same. They both have personalities that make me smile.

Life is really busy right now, work seems to be never ending..I actually went in today for 2-3 hrs to work on stuff I could not get to this past week. Monday at 7:20 I will be in a dentist chair for a 2 hr appnt.. grrrrrrrrrr…than I will go to work..so I guess today helped to make up for the time I will lose first thing Monday.

The weather is cooling down,, deep freeze warnings are coming out for next week… Dang what will that do to the apple trees that have started to blossom?? This has been a STRANGE yr for weather.

I am off for now—finish the weekend cleaning and laundry… watch some of the SU game… GO SU!!..and relax a little. Love to all… Cindy..alias Mrs Justa…