There are certain things that people say that make me really glad I am not interacting with them.

Today was a day I was super glad I was not the dental hygienist in the next room over from me. I was just leaning back, minding my own business, waiting for the dentist to come in, and this woman – in a really loud voice..kind of laughing while she talked.. said to the hygienist…”I am starting to turn my way of thinking around, so I am here for a cleaning..but I am warning you .. my mouth is really “scanky.”

I had a few thoughts at that moment..

#1) I am really glad I am here and not there…

#2)  I am not sure what scanky means..but it does not sound good

#3) How can the hygienist proceed with keeping a pleasant look on her masked,goggled face…

Now if you look up scanky in the dictionary—you have to look in an urban dictionary…

a nasty dirty lowlife female

There were other definitions that were more descriptive—but I think this gives a clear enough picture..

I am trying to focus on the music being piped over the speakers in the ceiling, but my hygienist had turned it down because it was bothering her…

The other  hygienist said calmly..”So you have not had a cleaning in the past year?” ..( I smiled to myself..thinking how calm she must be trying to keep herself—when her mind is telling her to find another profession!)

The answer… really loud and raspy..”No, not in a year..”  Than the hygienist said..”Could you estimate maybe how long it had been?”…

The answer still pretty loud and wall shaking…”OH a long time honey..maybe 20 years or so..but I am changing my life now.”

So the next obvious question “ Are you having pain or any problems?” ( good question..since something inspired her to come in for a cleaning..)..

answer..really loud..”No—just thought it was time .”

I did wonder what changed … maybe she just got insurance.. maybe she is in a new relationship.. maybe she is afraid of people seeing her teeth in a new job??

How fortunate for this poor hygienist- to be a part of a makeover. ! As I thought about what a wonderful appointment it must have been for both the employee and the patient..I was thinking about things you should not say to your dental hygienist… and that is right up there.

Dang talk about having them get out the tough picks to chip away at your teeth… maybe I would have said I have missed a few appointments..but you confess to 20 yrs or so… yikes! 

And than for the hygienist… you go to school to work in people’s mouths.. ( I admire these people—I could not spend my days 2 inches from many peoples faces..) ..and than what they must see. See I am a person who can not get “in your face”… why… cuz I start to laugh, smile..or try to hold my laugh in and all of the sudden it comes out like an explosion…. could you see me trying to focus on cleaning someone’s teeth..trying not to laugh cuz my nose is almost touching them..and than behind the mask—my cheeks filling up with air—as I try to hold in the laughter..and poof—out comes a pressurized laugh..blowing the mask off my face… NOPE do not think I would  last at that job for very long.

So hat’s off the the hygienists of the world.. I love how my teeth feel when they are through..The only way I do not laugh when they are almost kissing I close my eyes… and I do not peek…

Have a great night… and if you are a dental person.. thank you for not laughing in my face !. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Thanks google images for the clip art