Laughter… it is with us our who life….. think about it..

100_6038As babies we laughed at everything that made a funny noise, that moved fast, that zoomed back and forth, when people looked at us,  and when we were tickled.




As toddlers we laughed when something surprised us, or someone pretended to fall, Adriannes birthday 2-16-12 30 yrs old 011or when someone dropped a toy,when we were trying to play tag….. we smiled when our parents appeared, or a grandparent was there. I think as toddlers it is easy to smile…

In elementary school, we smiled when someone burped or farted. We giggled at the mistakes others made, at times our laughter was at the cost of someone’s feelings or self esteem.

In middle school and high school- Secret telling smilesmiles sometimes were not real. We smiled sometimes because of nervousness. Or because we were embarrassed by something. I can remember smiling when I wanted to have my mom say yes to something.

100_6106As adults— whoa–Don't tell anyone smile– some do not smile…. Is it hard to find things to smile about??? Yeppp often it is… And as I look over the stages of happiness, of smiles and of life— I find the older we get –the more stress we fill our lives with..the more our smiles seem farther apart. Little moments in life may bring us a smile…the joy of being in love, the joy of holding a child, of grandchildren and such. But we—as a majority—I think we are too darn serious.

Adriannes birthday 2-16-12 30 yrs old 015Than finally some of us make it to the golden yearsWinking smile….and I really hope we begin to smile more..stress less… care less…. and know that there will be less days ahead than behind us… and with that… let’s make the best of each day with smiles upon smiles.

I think in adulthood—w100_6429e need to smile….we need to not over stress ourselves over things that can not be changed instantly.

I hope you have a stress free day tomorrow… try to smile every hr…. try to lighten up… look for anything that brings you joy…and go for it !. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias smiley… Smile 

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