3-18-2012 feels like  springtime 019

Can you

believe this!!

March 18th,

Fulton NY….

77 degrees, people in shorts and tank tops,3-18-2012 feels like  springtime 010 fishermen and women out, people just sitting in their cars with the windows open- enjoying this incredible day.

10 years ago today is was 11 degrees below zero… we got lucky…

I saw that Arizona had 180- miles of highway closed due to some pretty significant snow..so I know we are super lucky.

We were able to spend time at breakfast with our friends, than got to pop in and see Brandon, Preston, Jeff and Amanda… We got to see Jeff fri night…I was able to get the sign in our front yard stripped of all the dead stuff…. and to see the tulips pushing their way up for another Spring spectacular show. It was neat, cuz the dry dead stuff had flower pods on them—so I broke them open and planted the seeds… HMMMM I wonder if they will grow…we were able to make an appointment for our mowers and snow blower to go into the shop for tune ups and check overs….we were able to fix the damage to the ditches from some vehicles who went into them  in “OOPS moments”….even got out some solar lights out…. and this evening had time to head north to Oswego for sunset….

3-18-2012 feels like  springtime 002As we were on our way to Oswego for a cup of coffee and to look over the marina.. my mind swirled back to a couple of men I saw this morning after church. I believe they live in the senior apartments and they are unable to walk far…if at all.. they have scooters. I became very thankful that I was able to go to the gym, to walk and take photos, to  get a chance to go to Oswego.

I wondered if they have that opportunity available to them…and thought about how we take so darn much for granted.

As I sit here,,, unwinding from the weekend… feeling so blessed for everything I have…. I feel almost spoiled because of all the things we do have..and others do not.

My belly is not crying hunger… I am not roaming in the darkness without a place to call home…I am not afraid to go outside …3-18-2012 feels like  springtime 028.I do not have a health problem that keeps me from functioning…. we are not harassed by bill collectors… we have gas in our vehicles…we have vehicles…. there is so much to be thankful for… and I am…

As the sunset was in it’s final stage… I felt like it was a good weekend…

I hope yours was good too… Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy