Nov 2011 and thanksgiving on old camera 013Teaching children to be responsible…we need to do that. We need to teach children respect. We need to let children know they are loved, but not let them think they are special to the whole world. I remember as Jeff was growing up, I would tell him he was special to me. I taught him how to pick things up, how to take care of his belongings, and how to behave. He grew up knowing he was sometimes acting in a not so favorable behavior- but I never ever told him he was a bad boy. If we do not teach our kids of the world at young ages that YES does not happen every time… and that they can handle NO. That time out happens…. and that you do not always get things the way you want them to be.

We need to take time to get down on the floor and play with the kids, instead of giving them electronic devices, or TVs to dec 201 006consume their days with. Time with our kids, time with our pre teens, time with our youth is not guaranteed. I heard a teen talking to their parent the other day, and the parent said- “I did not know that, why didn’t you tell me”….. the answer was..”because you are always too busy. I did not want to bother you” AS I heard this exchange in the store… I realized this is probably more the norm than any of us want to admit.

As I am exposed to people in different 100_0161settings, I run across people who lack respect for others, people who think the world owes them a living, who have absolutely no compassion for others..we-as parents, as grandparents, as mentors—we need to help one child or youth  at a time to understand the world revolves-but not because they are on it.

It is a fine line between letting a child know they are loved, and having a child expect everyone to love them. For those kids that grow up expecting everyone to love them..they are headed towards ridicule and heart ache. It just does not happen that way. Kids need to know about the free things in life… about time spent with others is worth more than the video game…

I look at the country, I listen to NO_BAMA talking… and I hear and see a major entitlement syndrome. 100_6263There is an expectation that we should get out of the way for the privileged believing ones to go by. Let’s all work together to help to make the world we live in , one of gratitude..and not expectations….. : one of pride..and not of greed: one of prosperity..and not one of poverty.

Together we can move the mountain..

singly—we can be filled with regret and disappointment as the mountain stays put.

Do your part…. let’s all do something every day. love Mrs Justa..alias Cindy