tri[ to ohio 3-12-2012 050

Today’s trip was kind of neat… as we rose above the clouds, there was like another world. Bright blue sky. even jet trails and more clouds. The clouds that lay below gave the impression of being a base of cotton, firm enough to walk on.

I was in awe of the beauty, in wonder of how this small plane was able totri[ to ohio 3-12-2012 043 go so high and stay up there. I looked around the skies and found sometimes the eeriness of total ( and I mean TOTAL) whiteness.

Sometimes we were blessed with clearing and could see all the wonders of the world below.

tri[ to ohio 3-12-2012 010

I was comforted by the smoothness of the ride for the most part, I was humbled by the fact there there were those who truly wanted to make sure I was ok, and I was feeling lucky to have been invited on this trip. It was totally out of the norm for me. I have not flown since 1969!!!!

I was amazed that I never got scared, I never felt uneasy..and the camera became my friend. I took photos and videos so that I could share the journey with my family.

I am amazed how tri[ to ohio 3-12-2012 001something like this can go up in the air!

I did not drive—but rode in a plane..and still I am beat… a long day…

but I am home and safe, and glad to be here. 

I am off for now… gotta get some sleep…

Love to all, Mrs Justa on the other side of the trip..alias Cindy