This weekend has been full of lots of stuff, and now I am getting ready for my week to start. Today I had a solo in church…100_6666 I sang “Calvary’s Lamb” –it was weird because the sound people had the instrumental background music kind of low—so the speaker on the elevated floor surface , by the music stand was softly playing the music. I could hear it..and hoped the speakers facing the congregation had more sound….but I found out after the service that they too were softly projecting the music. So I kind of did it- almost A cappella. The pastors wife told me after the service she loved how the music was so soft, and the clarity of my voice. I am REALLY glad I did not know I was singing basically without music…I would have gotten rather nervous.

We watched the little guys Sat night this weekend, and on Fri got to spend time with Jeff, Amanda, and the 2 little squirts…for a birthday dinner for Jeff… ( and Amanda in my mind—since we did not see her on her birthday on the 7th)

We lost an hours this weekend, and I am kind of feeling the awkwardness of the clocks being pushed ahead an hour. I am going to need to get ready for an early start tomorrow. I have a business trip with 6 other people, just a one day jaunt, but I want to make sure I have what I need to make the journey. My camera, my MP3 player, Dramamine, comfortable shoes and clothes, and a few bucks. Hopefully I will get a photo or 2 to share on Monday night when we are back, and I hopefully will have time to drop a note to you.

Last night we were watching Suzie Ormond… and it sounds like basically we are not in the groove she thinks people should be in… I am NEVER calling into her show… my goodness, I think she would come through the line and ask us what were we thinking when we bought a double wide on an acre of land…. I have found that a double wide gives you a nice place to live…100_6700_edited keeps you out of the apartment environment… but it will never gain in value like a house on a foundation. BUT I find I love the double wide because it is open…lots of room to move around, if anyone needed to use a wheel chair or walker—they could. It is one level..has it own laundry area, it is super insulated—and economical to heat . So our glorified apartment living—I like it….but I think Suzie might not.

100_6697_editedLife is weird… we make choices that we believe are the best for us… and than others think differently…. in the ends… it is OUR life… and we are living with our choices…

We thought them out… this worked for us…. but it will never build equity to others. But to me…it is worth lots more than we owe on it.

Love to all,  Mrs justa alias Cindy.