As today is winding down, wind is once again whipping around the edges of the house— sounding almost like the house is being hit with a huge wet rag…it is cold out and there was enough sun/snow/warmth and now cold—that there are icy spots all over the place.

I am reminded of 30 years ago today…. on the 8th of March back in 1982- my ob/gyn told me to be at the hospital at 8:00… he was going to induce labor and poof—a baby boy Jeff 1 yr old 001would be born. He said go ahead and mark his birthday down as 3-8-1982…. well my rather large baby boy—he did not want to be born on the 8th—and chose to hang in there till 2:15PM on the 9th, when he lost the battle of fighting birth..and was delivered c section.

30 long years ago..that somehow seem not that long ago at the same time.

As we visited him , his wife and their 2 little guys tonight… it was so weird to think that 30 years ago— this father of 2, devoted husband…was a 10 pound baby totally dependent on the adults in the world for survival. House-Brick-Pathway[1]

Our lives are really so incredible when we stop and look at every brick, every step, along the pathway that gets us from one spot to the next.

Curves, turns, bumps, smoothness. I am always amazed to think that each second got us to where we are today.

All the steps that if they did not happen at that particular moment—we would not be here at this moment.

Have you ever run across a moment and realized that had you overslept one minute- or gotten one more red light, or stopped to look at something…that you never 100_6059would have experienced that moment. I think about that all the time.

There are times I have walked out of a building and come face to face with someone from years and years past—who was just traveling in the area I was traveling in… the chance of that happening is like winning the lottery ! ( since it has happened to me 3 times in my life—I figure the lottery is next !)

So there I was… watching Jeff, Amanda, the boys, Mark all in their living room and thinking about 30 yrs ago… about the years that have past since that very special moment in my life… and how every step, thought, moment led me to here—life is incredible, life is amazing, life is just that… life….. we can not try to make life happen… we can not force things to become … we just need to be aware of each moment we are blessed with….. Love to all… enjoy life….Mrs Justa alias Cindy