Life happens… we are all the way we are because of genetic make up..but also because of happenings.

It was funny, I was wiping off the kitchen counters after dinner… and I was reminded of my mom… my mom would wipe her counter top to the area where she had things on it.. I ..well because of that.. I move the stuff and wipe the whole counter top…I am that way because 100_0042of her and what I learned living in the world I grew up in. IT taught me things to taught me things to try differently.

I have a little trip coming up in a short while… and I am already thinking about what I need to be ready.. Another thing different from my mom. She would prepare 5 minutes before we would be ready to go. Oh and I remember the STRESS!!! of going on a trip. Man –she would get pretty nervous about the time we got in the car we were all not talking to one another.. I would totally HATE getting ready to go anywhere for a day r more…the STRESS level was almost too hard to swallow. It was weird too… because we would be all glaring at one another for the first little while—than it was like someone took a life sized eraser and wiped away the stress.. we started chatting, and singing silly songs.

Mom did not like a radio in her car…100_0040 I do not know why.. I LOVE my radio. So as we were all in the station wagon going who knows where..she would sing songs.. and want us to sing along. Songs like “The Erie Canal”.. or “Have you Ever Been a Fishing on a bright and sunny day” or ( to the same melody as the fishin one… “I had a little chicken and she wouldn’t lay and egg.” … We would sing songs that you had to come in at different times… like “Row Row Row Your Boat” and “White Coral Bells”… and she would belt out the Girl Scout song “Girl Scouts Together”… Now all these songs were not that many in the whole scheme of things.. so we would repeat them… HA HA.. I was laughing this morning as I am practicing for Sunday- singing in my car… and realizing that I am like mom in so many ways !.

We do not realize it..but life molds changes things about can make us bitter… life can make us not trust people…life can make us scared…. as I look back on things that have molded me..affected me… I am reminded that I want to not be a negative part of someone else’s life mold… If I have been.. I am super sorry… and if I made life a little easier for some..than I feel I helped.

Watch what you say… be kind in what you do…. and create good memories for others.

Good night everyone…. I am off but will return. Mrs Justa alias Cindy.