Today was a long day—we started out at 4:30 this morning with alarm clocks beeping and snow falling. We needed to pick my brother up by 5:30 and head to a local hospital for him to have surgery. It was a day I do not regret being a part of, as I liked to be able to spend time with him before and after surgery.

It is a trying time, when you are sitting in the waiting room..doing just that.. WAITING>.. at first the time seems like it will never finish—than after about 15 minutes—it seemed like the 2 1/2 hr time span went fast.

I was blessed to have my husband and my brothers friend there- so at least we had each other to talk to. I had not ever spent a great length of time with my brothers friend, so we did get to know each other better before we left at 6:30 tonight.

100_6279Times like this remind me how unpredictable life is. And when things go wrong and you need surgery… well it means your life takes a few tips and turns… and you readjust things to fit the new adventure in the midst of the life you have so carefully planned.

I find it interesting…that each day many of us know we can not fit another thing in our lives… we are busy..we are too busy to do anything more… and than POOF— the wand waves and a challenge arises… whether it be a bum knee, a shot gallbladder, a bout of diverticulitis, a heart attack, a blown back…. when these things happen—our priorities change… we move the pieces on the puzzle boards of our lives to make room for the new disaster…

It is like we do not have 100_6248time for one more thing….until  that one more thing intrudes our life…. and we HAVE to have time for that one more thing…

So if catastrophe makes us reorganize our lives—than what other things could we do to reorganize our time…and what Do we and what DON’T we have time for?

My life feels super busy… but today I put everything on a back burner and my brother took center stage…. Nothing is for sure… life is not set in stone—until your life is a memory etching on a head stone…

Be open minded, be ready for the unknown..and hang on… Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy