Last night was a late night… and well I never came on line to post.. Tonight it is late again..but here I am…after a great evening with 2 of our grandkids.

100_0274It is so cool to watch the how the kids grow up thru each little stage. I had to laugh.. we got pizza and boneless chicken wings tonight- and as we were sitting at the table…Brandon said..”I am very happy now , because you are here.”…awww made me smile from the inside out !.

I am amazed how kids cling to Mark- it has been that way for as long as I have known him. As our kids were growing up, they were always hanging off him, they love him to pieces….

. At my mothers house on the nephew would crawl all over him… and the grandkids love to crawl and cuddle with him.

I just smile… we have been together for.. OHH>.. 27 yrs almost..and most of the time—he was constantly loved by the kids around him..

At the church we used to go to.. he was well liked by many… he is like a magnet to people… he had the men of the church who really enjoyed being around him, and I was in the Women’s fellowship- and they continuously commented on how much they liked him. . I remember the way he could relate with the high school/ middle school kids.. it was neat. He used to work in a home for troubled youth, and he talks of the job as a very rewarding experience. I admire that in him, because to be able to break through the kids pain and make them feel like they mean something is an incredible talent. It is so easy to see a kid that has behavior that is not great—and write them off… but he saw through the behavior. That gift –( which he does not see he has) just radiates as he is around the grandkids.

We had a nice evening.. t100_0294he kids were good… they are funny because they sometimes know what each is saying and laugh at comments they each make..and we have no idea what they are laughing about!. They can quarrel and a second later they are best buds.

For me… the grandkids bring sunshine to a cloudy day….they keep me young … they are true blessing… and I just love seeing them interact with Mark.  I love having them laugh, or say they love us, or cuddling, reading to them, playing games…. it is such a blessing. I take each moment we have with any of them, try to make freeze frame images in my mind that will stay for years to come.

I am at peace…as I drift off to go to sleep…. Good night all… Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy