Isn’t it funny how different things make things seem different?                                            Changes the perspective.

                                                                                                Like I was driving to work today, thinking that I felt comfortable in the midsized car I drive—till this big Hummer drove next to me.. made me feel kinda small for the road.


      .So than I am driving a little further feeling small and my whole perspective changed when  a “Smart Car” came barreling down the highway.

Now I felt like I was driving a BIG car.

These little cars are super cute..but I am not thinking I would want to be in them on ice, in a bad wind snow, in deep snow, or in a chain accident.

There is nothing to them !!

AS the day progressed it seemed like big things became little and little things became big.

A case I thought would be very difficult- became quick to get through, while another time a question asked of me took a long time to figure out.

Than tonight… at the gym…. I walk into the locker room to get ready for my work out, and as I am walking in there, I am thinking about how going in and trying to take off a few more pounds… thinking about once I get to wherever I am comfortable at… how neat that will be… and I walk in there—boom…. there are gals in there just coming out of the pool area who were tall. I mean giants… and built like football players… I went from feeling 5’9” tall to feeling like a midget.

It reminds me of times when my dad would go out to cut down the perfect Christmas tree… and outside it looked great.. but when we got home- it was kind of tough getting a 12 foot tree in a 7 foot room!.  Or when you want to help with portion control so you serve food on a small plate. Gives the image of a full plate when it is only half of a bigger plates worth of food.

$5.00 to one person may be like $100.00 to another…

The wind is whipping on the house again… and it has way more power over the world than any of us do…

Everything looked at based on other info… perspective…. . We just have to stay focused… and stay smart… and do not let others bring you down… It is ALL a matter of attitude…..keep a positive attitude…

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy