Grandsons come in all shapes and sizes—here is our “grandson” Badger. He is Brandon and Prestons “brother. Well he does not visit often, but this is from when he did…

Here he is with a new rope  toy we got for him when he came to visit….

see… we got rid of all our dog toys after we had to put Indi down. So spoiling100_0258 Badger with a new toy that he liked was great!

It is one of those STRONG rope toys. He tugs a little with it, throws it around and than wraps it around his legs like a shawl.

Badger is about a 100 pound gentle giant—as long as he knows who you are… but I am sure he would protect his family if there was ever danger.

The traffic observation for this week has changed dramatically— I apologize for all the people who are government workers –I thought you were the crazy aggressive drivers… BUT you went back to work on Tues, the traffic has still been pretty light and reasonable… soooo my new deduction is that it is PARENTS who are so darn aggressive. School is out this week…parents are off… this is terribly depressing—because next Monday—after they have been home all week with their kids—or on a vacation— can you imagine how aggressive they will be than!

At work the time off for 2011-2012 is coming to a quick end. We have to use our days or we lose all but 3 of them. I took tomorrow off. It should be an ok day—home with Mark—I did bring some work home with me—but I can do it in my jammies at home…

That is such a great feature to be able to do some work from home. I think it is going to be more a wave of the future—as companies save so much on upkeep, cubicle space,office furniture, office supplies, personal items, coffee….the list goes on and on—plus if you are sick-you can work and not contaminate the workplace. I am on a fence with it… some people are not disciplined enough to have the work environment- and not every type of work could do it…. but even though I am off— I wanted to help out with work load—so I will share my time off with work from afar.

I hope you are having a peaceful week… Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy