As the sun rose this morning ,100_0252 and as I was getting ready to start my Monday, I was reminded that every single day is a chance to start over.

The golden sun opening the new day, welcoming the challenges that lie ahead, and assuring me through the soft light, that it is a new day.

I was thinking about what the day will bring? What smiles, what challenges, what will today be like.

100_3442   Now the sun has set, and as I look back over today- there was a time for a smile or two, and there was lots to do at work. The drive to and from was peaceful, and I left at the time that traffic and jerks come together. Yep—if I am not 15 miles from here by 7:15—I know I will be faced with all the self centered, speeding people driving to work.

To my amazement today—at 7:30 this morning—when all heck breaks lose on the interstate—it was peaceful. It was non stress. It was not crowded. There were no brake lights at 65 mph. And it hit me !!!!— The people who did not have to work because of Presidents Day— they must be the jerks !

And who might that be??? Well it is a Federal Holiday…sooo it impacts all government institutions, banks . That means all federal, state and local government offices are closed. That includes City Hall.There is no postal delivery, except for Express Mail, and post offices are closed. And in most areas the  public libraries are closed.
Most banks and the major financial markets, including the New York Stock Exchange, are closed. So I hate to tell these folks—but at least some of them  are super annoying on the morning commute! Schools are closed for the week… I am thinking it is not the school people who annoy the heck out of me on the way in…. tomorrow will tell.

Tomorrow will be back to normal- I will have to leave here by 7 to avoid the folks who slept in today…and maybe tomorrow I will be blessed again with the comforting golden glow of a day about to begin. Reminding me that it is never to late for a fresh start.

Life… life is good….. I can not complain….I will just avoid those who make me want to complain. Have a good night… Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy