Today a friend of mine was sharing with me her recent experience. It brought me back to similar experiences, and it really sucks.

Sept sky fog 018She works in a place , where a business consultant team was hired to overlook the programs and make recommendations. The recommendation was to lay off almost 20%  of the staff!!!!!!!!!!

Can you imagine…. this type of thing happens everywhere, every week… I personally have been through it twice in my 40 + years of working.

When the time comes- there you are. You and your co-workers dreading when anyone of authority wants to talk to you, for fear you are next.You go to work with a feeling of knots in your stomach, you feel insecure, and uncertain what the future will hold.  Depending on where the employer is, what type of business it is, the lay off can be instant—and it can give you a couple weeks notice. Where I have been—it was instant…same thing where she works.

If you are not a chosen person to go—than you feel guilty about staying— and guilty that you feel relieved you are not being laid off. If you are one getting laid off ( as I was back in 1978 ) depending on how much commitment you gave to your now x-employer—will depend how it effects you. Me- I became my job at the first place it happened. I lived and breathed for it, I loved being there, I would come to work—work extra time—but punch in and out for just regular hours. So in essence- many days I gave them 3 hrs of my own time. I never ever regretted that either.

And than one day—after I had been an employed there for 7+ years— poof…. some genius of an accountant decided that our company ( which was the most profitable in the corporation) would close—and maybe the key people would uproot and move to another state to help the company in the corporation  that was deeply in the red! Well, no one went….. and we were crushed.

I remember my last day there, I went home and listened to broken heart love songs. I could not stop crying, sobbing… a part of me had been taken away from me… it was like my core of myself was ruined, like a very big part of me had died….. …..  I felt lost, no where to go, no idea what I was going to do. There was a small severance package- nothing great-and there was unemployment—but that does not meet the money I was making working. It was ALL I knew how to do. Where I was- we totally closed— so in the end— it was the end for all my co-workers.

The second time—- uggg—we were snow storm coming in 11-11-2011 012slowly cut down to nothing. So at first- 15 people laid off- poof…. and I ( like my friend today) was one fortunate to have not lost my job. I could not rejoice over not being picked- why… because I hurt so much for everyone laid off. The people laid off would call me and ask for guidance- they did not understand when their insurance ended, what pay they would get… and I would not be able to help- I had to refer them to HR. But as I spoke to them- I could feel their sense of loss. The people left behind did have an option to join the bigger corporation that had bought us out in a merger. Some went— me I chose to leave and work at an MD office.

The sucky thing is… that when this happens—the people who made the decision—they move on to straighten out another company—they have no personal attachment to where they go— it was a spread sheet wonder—- dollars and cents—without thinking how the remaining people would be able to handle the same work load with many less people.

And THAT is what my friend was saying—- when Monday comes—the work is the same—just  less people there to help get it done. My friend does not believe her job is in jeopardy, which is good for her… but she is feeling the pain of all those she watched go into her bosses office ( which is right next to where my friend sits) and than watch them walk out-looking like they were just hit by a Mack truck.

I think it is safe in saying that most of us go to work because we need work…. I hope those people can find something…..

Love to all… Mrs Justa alais Cindy