I can not believe how silly and foolish the GOP candidates are being. I am not sure who is funding whose attacks against the candidates. It is rather odd that anytime someone other than Romney is in the possible lead—than that person is personally attacked. We have some STRONG candidates, yet this petty bull crap is a total waste of time and money.

My goodness guys…Sept sky fog 011 stand tall and let the American people know what you want to do to turn this incredible frightening situation  we are in, and try to get us on track again.

I salute people who put everything aside and try to become president. Especially in this time, with the media so much  on the left- that they hide the problems of today. The attacks , the vendettas, the misdirection, the blah blah blahs…. .

I believe as a united country, if we stop all this momentum before it spins out of control, that we can work to stabilize us. But it will take compromise, determination, and staying away from the money printing and China’s money. We need a president who will wear his BIG BOY pants and be a president , a leader…. and not continually—( all thru the presidency_  be acting like he is still campaigning.

All the petty stuff, does not matterSept sky fog 002 – let’s rally together and let the potential voters of America clearly see what is being proposed by the GOPs. Don’t the GOPs see that No-bama and his cronies are sitting there just watching the GOPS spend money hand over fist- to mud sling.

Focus guys, show why YOU would be a great president….

Because there are a few of you who would !. Make US proud…. there are plenty of people in the country looking for something better….looking for the USA to stand for a united country….

Love to all… be strong. Mrs Justa alias Cindy