Today was a day off. I have a few more days to use before the end of the year, ( our personal time year ends 2-29-2012…) so I took today off . It was Adrianne’s 30th  birthday, and I was hoping the weather would cooperate and we could go out and bring her her gift. The weather was very cooperative Smile 42 degrees and rain Smile so we headed out , to surprise her.

As the kids were growing up, we only got  to spend her actual birthday with her  when we were lucky enough to have the every other weekend fall on her birthday—so this was a special day..

We get out there, and there is another car in her driveway… so we called her from her driveway, and she said—”Let me call you back in a few minutes.” – well all of the sudden she raises her garage door – with the electric opener- and out comes her cleaning lady. We are trying to quietly talk to the lady, and hoping Adrianne does not hear us.

So the lady left and weAdriannes birthday 2-16-12 30 yrs old 004 scooted into her house through the garage- …she was surprised. YES!! I love when a plan comes together. 

We had a nice visit. Mackenzie is a full throttle two year old. She is light enough that she can move like the speed of light.

She and I chased each other around the house some….the house is designed with the stairs going upstairs between the living room and the hall going to the kitchen- so we were looping around through the kitchen, Adriannes birthday 2-16-12 30 yrs old 011down the hall, thru the living room and dining room and back in the kitchen. I would turn around and meet her face to face… 

She would laugh and do an about face.

We made it for a little while, but than the dog decided to pull on the bottom of my jeans— ( an unfair advantage for Mackenzie!)

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Caleb was all smiles today, he is gettingAdriannes birthday 2-16-12 30 yrs old 016 pretty red hair!.

His eye brows are coming in red too. I wonder if it will darken to a reddish blond- or if he is going to stay a red head.

He is liking the bouncy toys that he can sit in, but only for a little while. He likes to look around, and be held.

I got the honor of standing and swaying him to sleep- that is so cool when all the sudden you feel their head lean on your shoulder and their breathing gets relaxed, and you know they were comfortable enough to snooze.

We got back here and I went off to the gym. I had a pretty good workout- but I think I left part of my back there!. I did the circuit and than  30 minutes on the treadmill on an incline- at 3.3 mph. I am not sure which aggravated my back.- but I am betting the circuit.
Tomorrow was a day off too, but I canceled it to go in tomorrow and maybe I will take a day next week. One of the nurses is leaving tomorrow, I want to go in and say good bye to her.

So today is winding down, and tomorrow I am planning on going in early. Than before I know it, the weekend will be here. Have a good Friday…. and hopefully I will be back tomorrow… Love and best wishes…. Cindy alias Mrs Justa.