Okay, I have to ask, what are we doing??

I saw this on bluewiremedia.com-social media

I had to laugh as I read it, Mark and I were just talking about the stuff people put on facebook.

It is like people need to feel needed and popular, so they post really non essential-waste of internet space stuff.

Kinda of like blogging in a way- but I think it is much less informative.

Like “ having dinner” or “Have a headache” or “I love my husband” or “ eating an apple”  or how about this one “going to bed”

It is rather humorous in a sad sort of way- people try to have a lot of friends… I mean A LOT!!! Maybe over 600 friends. I am sure you have over 600 friends!. I hope you do not feel the need to buy them all a gift for their birthday. I hope they do not all need a favor at once. I hope they do not all want to come over for a cup of coffee at the same time!

It is always so amazing that people think others do not know they are texting during their work, driving, while trying to talk to someone face to face…..

Working in a cubicle environment, as we walk from one area to another- there will be who I refer to in my mind….. the  “sneaky texter”  They will have no hands on their key board, they are turned with their back to the opening of the cubicle, and act like they have a nervous twitch every time someone walks buy them- hands in their lap, hunched over, head snapping back and forth and from a certain angle you see their fingers typing on a very small keyboard of their device. And they look really guilty… Kind of the same look as when a guy decides he has to pee , and is standing off the road- peeing away from traffic, but looking over his shoulder looking guilty- wondering if anyone is seeing them- or knowing what they are doing…

I just shake my head and think about how foolish they are, and inside am kinda smirking because they look so foolish.

What would we do without social media? I do not tweet- I rarely comment on facebook, I do blog…. but not while I am working…— and I wonder— where would people be without facebook? Who would they tell they are hungry? Maybe they would pick up a book- or go for a walk, or talk to their real live friends, or to their spouses…. I know it is a little strange to think about that phenomenon— and I hate to break it to people— but facebook is taking life out of the living….

I am off to enjoy some time with life…. with  Mark… and oh yeah— “I am tired..going to bed.” LMAO>.. Love to all, Mrs Justa..alias Cindy