100_6065Hi everyone… boy I am glad today is through and the weekend is here. I am stopping for a moment to share some thoughts, and Than I am going to try to tackle some work I brought home.

This past week was super busy, and —it was what I kindly refer to as a “full moon syndrome week”. I mean holy cow ! Calls were weird at times, people’s questions were unusual, life this week just seemed a little crazy. I brought home about 80 questions to work on, and I should have them done before Sun evening.

Hopefully Jeff and Amanda and the kids will be out on Sunday evening, that would be a nice way to end a rather busy weekend—I am thinking about various menus types.. we will come up with something fun.

Today I was outside..and I kid you not…I ran across not one..not two but 3 women who all did the same irritating thing.100_6117 Each of them, they are outside, and let out a chest hurting sounding deep productive cough… sounded like they were hacking up their feet through their mouths,,, not even attempting to turn away, or cover their mouths… and than ( this is how I knew the coughs were productive… ) YUCK!! Need I say more???

I could not believe it,,, by the time the 3rd lady came towards me.. well I wished I had a can of Lysol… I would have sprayed it right at her and the whatever gunk she was coughing…

stock vector : Saloon inside with cowboysOk ..so here I am … visualizing the home life for each of these 3 people. They had nothing to do with one another—it was in 3 different areas… what the heck do they do in their house? They must be a real special companion to share a meal with… I wonder if they have spittoons in their living rooms? Dang—it was gross..

(Image from shutter stock)

People need to realize how easy germs spread, and also maybe others do not want their germs. And how can they be so darned inconsiderate as to not even consider the next person who steps on their coughed up lung lining? NOW DO YOU SEE WHY I LIKE SHOES OFF before people go walking through the house!

Yucko.. I am totally grossed out… good way to change gears and get into some working by the midnight oils. Love to all… spread joy not germs… (hey that is kinda catchy… maybe it would make a good bumper sticker..!) Mrs. Justa alias Cindy.