Okay, as you know –or maybe you do not… this aging stuff can be kind of tough to focus on. I do not feel elderly” nope..texting and driving....

I feel middle age, thankful I am not 20, and glad I am not 90. Somewhere in between is okay.

This cartoon character is where I feel I will be someday not today.

So I gotta tell ya, on the radio tonight on my way to the gym,I am humming and feeling great and THAN the radio talk guy was talking about a terrible event last night when a 56 year old woman was a victim of a home invasion.

He was talking about the 56 year old age of this woman to great length… he said” An elderly woman…”than he stopped and said “ Is 56 elderly? I think it might be..” he went on to say she was a woman on the cusp of being elderly. Well the more he said, the less I felt like driving to the gym… I was wondering if maybe I should be driving to “Ted” the mortician and making arrangements.

But I fought the elderly talk.. yep let it fly by me—THAN he said  “This poor granny was a victim..” Gee whiz… I am thinking   “I AM A GRANNY COME TO THINK OF IT !”

But this granny still got to the gym ( I have not gone directly to the gym after work for a few months…. ) so this was a pleasant change . See usually I come home.. well after I am home—and we have had dinner—and I start to unwind from the events of the day.. Mark and start to chat- go onto the computer—it is easier to get into my sweats or jammies… and not my gym stuff.

Tonight it was cool.. ( I mean temperature cool) in the gym. Like NO HEAT cool… I thought at first I was gonna freeze- but a couple Moody Blues tunes on my MP3 and it got pretty darn warm in that very cool gym.

I am about to exit- stage left— and watch my favorite shows tonight. They have not been new for 2 weeks.. so this is nice. I will take my rather sore body, my rather sore ELDERLY body… or should I say…. MY DECREPED ELDERLY body into the living room , have a nice cup of tea… ( GOSH Isn’t that what elderly people do- have tea at night !!?? YIKES maybe I am this cartoon figure in this post !!) – yes this ELDERLY WORN OUT GRANNY is signing off… (Clip art from People Clip Art» elderly_lady6.gif)

Love to all, Mrs Justa.. alias Old Lady. HA!