Ok…can you say IDIOT??

I ask this with the utmost disbelief in the stupidity of some people. And it really frosts my butt when they have no disregard for the people in their car with them or the folks driving 68 mph around them

This evening after a rather amazingly crazy day…( a few people on the phones were really annoyed with life today..and well I guess they needed to release their stress with moi !)  Oh I listened, I let them go on about whatever, and than when I could identify why they were calling..well I took care of it the best I could.
I am on my way home tonight- I took the expressway—(I do not like the expressway—I nick name it in my mind— “fools rush way”… so here I am, driving along..reflecting on the very very busy day….. and this person in the right lane-a couple cars ahead, all of the sudden is steering for the guardrail/shoulder area- dang she went in a 45 degree angle instantly…— she caught herself and jerked her wheel- her vehicle started to rock and sway-like it was going to turn over or around.. YIKES_—I hoped she was not passing out or something… she got it straightened—and as I went by her- I glanced over—

Her eyes were looking towards her steering wheel—she was TEXTING at 65 mph !! And her little whip-it back onto the highway –did not scare her straight! She was probably mad it caused her to misspell something ! texting and driving....

Oh I was angry- I was  ( still am) shocked that people are so stupid to think they can drive a car and not look at where it is going ! It is pathetic that states have to make a law that it is illegal to text and drive— and what is more pathetic is some people still do not care…

I am so thankful testing and drivingI did not end up like these folks…. 

People… please… if any of you text and drive—STOP IT before you end up killing yourself or others.

There are so many thousands of images on line of accidents in papers from a driver texting and driving. (photos from photobucket..) texting ....My goodness—there was one really graphic one of a car that drove totally into a truck—and when they pulled the driver out of the car—his bottom half was no longer connected to his top half.

There was another and another—all because someone thought they could beat the odds- or they somehow had a magic spell where their eyes could watch the road and read words on a text … does not work folks…. eyes can only see one thing at a time… and NEWS FLASH— if you are driving—those eyes should be looking at where you are going.

I am so thankful she got control, and so thankful I was not affected more by her… but more so disappointed that after almost losing control… seconds later…she was still texting.

Unbelievable… Love to all, be safe…. Mrs Justa alias Cindy