Caleb, Mackenzie, Rochester, Sept 30 2011 042

We were talking today, my husband and I, and in the background there were 2 people conversing. One was saying that she had been a waitress for 42 years, and some people love her, others hate her.

Mark said—there is a fine line between love and hate.

Well that got me thinking…(I know it is hard to believe ..but it did)

So life…. fine lines…. wow..there are many fine lines in life.

Think about it…this has been a topic of many of my conversations to people around here.. “Thank God it is 34 degrees and not 32 degrees—-I I am driving in the rain and thinking in January this year we have had 13 days of rain… 2.96 inches. Now had it crossed the fine line of between snow temp and rain temps—well that would be another 3 feet of snow! That, my friend, is a fine line I have appreciated being on the higher side of.  There is fine line between life and death. The only thing that differs- it one more heart beat more breath.

How about the fine line between driving by the person holding a cardboard sign-begging for help…. and being that person holding that sign praying for humanity? Or on a lighter note-between cooked and burned… between med well and raw. Or between passing or failing… ( heck that is one point. ) …( I had a teacher say just 66 and you will be okay) …. And in nursing school—it was please let me get a C at least…. one point would have been the difference between  D and a C… THAT IS a fine line..!!!

There is a fine line between joking..and hurting 100_6235_editedones feelings. Between toleration and too much to tolerate. Between shorts-or wearing jeans…. between sharing or keeping to yourself… between talking and silence…. between laughing and crying..between believing in God or not…between a smile or a frown….. between thanking—or taking….

How about between speeding and driving within the limit…between stopping or coasting thru a stop sign….  between having enough money for something or being a penny short… that fine line between if the jeans will zip or they won’t…and how about that fine line of  one more pound and than I will diet… between awake and asleep…singing on key or being off key….

The list goes on and on…. here is my final one…. between continuing to write..or sign off…BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!  watch those fine lines in life….

Love to all Mrs Justa… alias Cindy