“You may only be someone in the world, but to someone else, you may be the world.”

                                                 Author Unknown

I ran across this this quote, I have no one to credit for it, it is written as being from an unknown author. Seems kind of strange that this quote is from an unknown author… being what the quote says.

As I read this and reflected to people in my life who have meant so much to me, it made me realize many of the 100_6760_editedpeople do not know that.

People who mean a lot to me, people who are an inspiration..I tend to watch them from a far. I have often felt that I was not  even noticed by them, so I did not get too close and appear to be an intrusion. Often in my life I think I have robbed myself of opportunities because of being shy, maybe afraid of what someone might think, not wanting to get hurt. I do not think they knew that they meant so much to me….

100_6493There have been times in my past, when there was a special person, and when I spoke, ..they would either ignore me..or look at me as if I was the plague. So at an early age, I learned to keep more to myself.

This quote though is an eye-opener in another way.. because what if there are people who consider me important to them…. who in their mind look at something about me and feel the same way I did about others. Have I ever snubbed anyone accidentally… I do not think so…. but I think we all need to be aware of every interaction we have.

Today, we popped in at Jeff and 100_6145_editedAmanda’s for a short visits. As soon… and I mean as soon as we walked in the doorway, our  2 grand sons immediately started talking to us. Preston can not talk as clearly as Brandon ( as he is only one) but he said over and over “Pa-pa’…”Pa-pa” Mark acknowledged him and he continued to speak in his language… but to have the attention given back in exchange of the joy he has with his grandpa- it was priceless. Brandon speaks pretty clearly most of the time, and he turned around in his chair and said “Hi grandpa, we are eating” with so much joy in his voice… it was one of those moments that had they been totally ignored… it would be like a building block to becoming a sense of less self worth.

100_6539_editedLittle bits and pieces of interactions, they create our self confidence in a way. We need to acknowledge those who speak to us, we need to remember that we are not the most important thing at that moment…. we need to treasure the children. Even pets need positive interactions…. when I think of this.. living is a BIG responsibility.

My closing thought tonight is to make a promise to myself to throw away any blinders, and try to be as aware as possible. Life is a BIG challenge if we take it seriously.

Love to all, Mrs. Justa… alias Cindy