I know I have mentioned before Africam. Well for those of you who did not remember, or those of you who never heard of it, this is my relief after a long day. I get in my jammies, sit back with a cool drink of water or a hot tea, and for a while I go to the jungles of Africa.

Most of the time it is noisy, crickets in the background, birds cackling, maybe an occasional elephant, rhino, or creature I am unsure of. But the other night it was TOTALLY cool. I am here, africam 1-24-2012 010on my office chair, watching giraffes in the wild.

I mean this was totally making my day ,taking me away from the  jungles of ugliness ( my day that had just been!!) and let me  drift away. Mark thinks it is funny how I get mesmerized in the safari from my office chair!

How cool are these photos!

I took videos, man you would think I was there. I was laughing and loving it…I was like a tourist in a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers.

There were mama and papa giraffes and baby ones.

Slurping water, and eating trees. They have to bend their nimble appearing legs in half almost to get a drink.

africam 1-24-2012 018



And here…

I felt like they were watching me watch them…and I got the bonus of Zebras coming in for a viewing.

Now tell me this is not totally cool

africam 1-24-2012 008

Okay… so some may think I am simple minded… but I am thinking I am being frugal.I went on one site and a safari can run $500 to $10,000+ (excluding airfare). Now for  me ( and Mark when he dares to join in the fun) —it costs nothing more than an extra cup of coffee or tea.

HA—I am thinking if I was going to go on a safari—I would not want to go with the cheaper one. That is quite a difference between the low and the high price! I can assure you I would not be going for the 500.00 one.
This is a photo of the sleeping arrangements on the LOW budget one…(They supply the tent but YOU supply your own sleeping bag..)

500.00 safari

Are You Kidding ME!!!!

Man can you imagine having some big ass elephant come and check you out… or a lion..



Nope… this does not sound appealing! In the one ad it said the lower cost was for the daring… adventure goers. It describes the sleeping as your tent “in the bush”… and you have “bucket showers and long drop latrines”…drop latrine HA HA… it is more than daring! You gotta be nuts… that does not even sound like something I would go on for free!! and the transportation for “game viewing”  is in 6 passenger mini vans.

I went on line to see what the heck a “drop latrine” is… here ya go… >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>             HA  HA… could you imagine thinking you found a great deal on a Safari,picturing at least a moderate accommodating tour and get off the plane to find you have a 2 man tent, a mini van..and a “drop latrine” .

I wonder how they named that,. and who the heck hangs onto you as you try to hang your butt over the edge…

Damaraland_003Now the mid expensive ones have a little more… land rovers transportation, and you stay in a “lodge”

Now this looks a little more appealing…I do not think I would be as nervous of becoming a bedtime snack in this.

I got these last 3 photos from a web wite for reserving a African Safari…

SOOO.. back to this warm home, ice storm outside, jammies on… electric mattress pad warming up my side of the bed… and with a click of the button..I will get my jungle fix from New York… If it gets boring..or some of the beasts decide to go after other beasts… I can click off the screen—instead of try to run thru the bush with my tent and sleeping bag in hand—looking for the drop latrine… HEE HEE… I could see me now….

I hope you have a peaceful night.. Love to all Mrs  Justa alias Cindy