“Anyone who angers you,

Conquers you” Jane Addams….

This free clip art Face Clip Artfrom “clker.com” says it all…

UGGG I totally dislike days when I feel attacked. Whether it is real or just in my head..if I feel it..well it is real to me.

Today seemed to be “deal with type A personality day”. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!

Type A personality …these folks are extremely forceful. They want things done yesterday. They want it short, (leave out the the sweet) , they tend to come across intolerant of others, impatient with detail, demanding, competitive, have an exaggerated sense of urgency,can be referred to as a bulldozer…..and for me a Type C/D person..well I like to get the facts, I play by the rules, I want to know the rules, I am a calmer force.
So after a day of feel like I was in a personality tug of war… I am relived to be sitting here, unwinding for a bit.

There are times when people who are much more aggressive, well they make me feel really angry inside. But somehow I normally have a some sort of insulation-which keep the anger deep inside me. So they come close to conquering me… but not quite !.

I have run across Type A personalities everywhere. It is hard to avoid them, although if I could I would.

On the highways both to and from work..they are the ones that instead making a smooth move from lane to lane..they see brakes lights ahead and jerk the wheel –as if no one else matters. I bet they are in more accidents.

In a store..they are the ones running to get in first, pulling into that parking lot that you have your sights on,  impatient with the cashiers, and almost ramming their cart up your butt if you do not get out of the line quick enough.

In the restaurants, the waiters and waitresses are never good enough.

They are the people I want to just say “REALLY ???!!” to. But I do not… I just think about how glad I am to be away from them, once I am…

Oh I am so thankful my parents were not Type A people.Me I sip my coffee… I bet they chug a lug theirs. Heck I bet they are dressed before they get out of bed!.

UGGG,,,, I can not let 100_4119them conquer me… I am deep breathing… I am ok…. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ( that is meditating sounds) hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yep I am going to a happy place in my brain, poof—away with the aggressive people …. it is time to relax…

I am better now.. Thanks…. Love to all.. Mrs Justa… alias Cindy