1-21-2012 Adriannes and Joshs house 007

Yesterday we were able to get out to Rochester to see Caleb, Mackenzie , Josh and Adrianne. We always are unsure if the weather will cooperate this time of year, and than tie in the issues Mark has with his dizziness ..well it was a blessing to have the weather and the dizziness cooperate!.

Caleb is 4 mos old and he is a smiley little 1-21-2012 Adriannes and Joshs house 008guy. He is still at the age where he can not quite sit or entertain himself much, but he loves looking around and smiling at others. His legs are pretty strong, so if he is not at the time for a jumper yet, he is really close. I remember when Jeff was little and in a jumper ( no where near as nice as the jumpers of 2012, yet it still was a contraption he could jump in, I had a full length mirror. So to keep him entertained, I placed the jumper in front of the mirror. He would watch the baby jumping in the mirror…kept him entertained for long periods of time.

Mackenzie is 2 and she is non  stop. 1-21-2012 Adriannes and Joshs house 017She wants to be wherever anything is happening. She is funny really to watch, as she goes from one area to another.

She is at the age of talking, but not quite saying the words clearly all the time. So it has to be frustrating to her as she knows what she wants, but others might not have the foggiest idea.

She was fooling around with Mark after we had been there for a bit. It is tough , we really are not together all that much, so it takes a little while for the kids to warm up to 1-21-2012 Adriannes and Joshs house 019us. 

Mackenzie kept her space from me, but she was closer to Mark. I know from being around kids, that the kids need to warm up to the adults and the adults should not force the kids to come to them. So I did not. I watched her though, and it amazes me how quickly time goes by and the kids age.

We had a wonderful dinner that Josh had done in the crock pot,and it was nice to see the kids… ( big and little )

Today was a busy day, church, ran some errands, a couple hrs at the gym, washed the car, and now I am home for the night. Today was a not so good day for Mark, he was super dizzy and had a lump on his neck that was causing him to just not feel very good. So I went out and let him chill, he actually slept for most of the time I was gone.

At the car wash I was reminded of long long ago. There was a dad and his son , who must have been about 6 or 7. They were in the next bay, we were both manually washing the cars. Well he was talking to this little guy in the most loving educational way, telling him all the ins and outs of washing the car, and he let the little boy use the foaming brush. It brought me back to the days of doing that same thing with Jeff. He and I would get out and walk around the bay, working on the car. I learned really fast that the brush and not the wand was better for him… cuz I got REALLY wet when he had the wand.

It was comforting to see someone parent their child, to be telling them lessons of life, the little boy listening intently and trying to do his best, and maybe the dad was  not realizing it, but those words will stay with that little boy when he is all grown. Moments like these are priceless to a child….

Ahh… it was a special momennursing graduationt… I am thankful to have been there for it. I smiled… as walked past them to get my change,….it brought me back 20 + years ago,….to a wonderful part of my life when being a parent was what I did, and Jeff was one reason I got up every morning, he was so close to me as his mom……we had a special relationship……  and for a moment..that little boy was Jeff in my memory of images of the past.

Life … it goes by fast…it is fill with so many snapshots of times as they fly by…. May you have a great night, love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy