Maybe I am old fashioned… no I am old fashioned.. I admit it… But when I was growing up we were held to our word. Sensationalism for exchange of money was dishonest, and when people were unfairly treated, well that was cause for attention.

100_0024We have the local scandal that has seemed pretty scrambled in the various accountings from the get-go- of an assistant coach who ironically became scandal # 2 ,on the tails of the Penn State Scandal. I am not reviewing the information, and I am not in the DAs office, so I am just saying based on a)what has been presented to the public,b) by the reaction of the coach who has been associated with this guy for 50 years,c) previous players on the teams, d) reporters who used to travel with the team…. things just do not make sense to me. It seemed more sensationalism TO ME by having it literally surface within days or weeks of all the crap at Penn State. And here we are, it seems like at least a month and a half since all the accusations, and now some of the victims are stating—“I lied” or “I altered the emails” Well folks, that speaks volumes against the ethics of journalism—and ESPN—SHAME on you too.

Before coming out with a story—we need to be sure that the journalists have researched it. RIGHT??? Or are we such a desperate society now, that we forego honest journalism, we ignore the ramifications because of reactionary journalism, and just do what we can do to grab high ratings.

I do not know who did what… but I feel horrible if this all turns out to be blown way out of proportion and in the dust- lies a man who gave 36 years of his life to a team, and was trampled on.

I find this dishonest, swaying..

Keep it to yourself typenite time 9-6-11 007 journalism is everywhere. Politics— oh my goodness…. let’s hear what the politicians are thinking about this country and our future. Let’s hear about ways to employ people, to improve financial outlooks , to encourage trade in AMERICA, to bring the American life back to a life where people felt safe. BUT NO!!!!! Instead journalism takes new lows—trying to corner a representative on scandals from their past ( real or not—heck they make a headline). To dissuade our attentions—(or try to) to testimonies on what someone’s x wife is saying about them (I got a news flash for you… they are an x wife !! So maybe things are different than they were if they were not an x wife)  . Or going after a candidate because they did not answer a off the cuff question on what magazine or newspaper they read. Give me a break.

We need to be told what the facts are related to the candidate going for the job of  of

president, or legislature, or senator….. not what they did 20 yrs ago, or that they smoked pot when they were 19, or that they made a comment or 2 when they were in their 20s that were possible harassment.

I wonder….. if the tables were turned….what could we report on the reporters???? Last time I looked…it takes a lot to be declared a saint. My mom would say…”He who lives in glass houses, should not throw rocks.” This slander, this sensationalism… ends up taking a potential great candidate and having them say… “I am bowing out..”

I think we need to go backwards, into a time when we were not at the gateways of 24 hour news channels, and technology that is not used to inform – but to steal peoples identity, steal their life, steal their reputation. Yep, we need the TV and computers to shut of at midnight, the stores close at 9, and people having home to be where they need to be when the the evening turns into nighttime.

Have a good night…. Love to all. Mrs Justa alias Cindy