IN nursing school, many years ago, I think one of the first things that they told us was to ALWAYS let the patient know before you are about to do anything. Be a coach for when they are about to undergo treatments, let them know what to expect. Be a teacher in healthcare.

I was in the hospital this past week with my brother who had a surgical procedure. The first nurse did this to a tee. She explained not only the next hour but what to expect for the entire stay. That was a little much, because she made assumptions the other staff would follow in the process she verbally gave. Which ( as the shifts changed) became  very apparent at times, they were not quite in synch with the 23 hr predictions he received  from the first nurse.

There was an evening nurse who would walk into the room, go to the head of the bed, out of eye sight of my brother, and did stuff. At one point he asked her if she was disconnecting things. It makes situations uncomfortable when the patient has no idea what is happening.

It was a lesson that we probably should always do in life.  There are things in life that we should probably give a forewarning of before doing them, just so people expect it.

Like let’s say you are in a house, it is quiet, and maybe the only other person in the house has decided to start hammering something. It would be nice to let the first person know that there is going to be some loud noises about to happen.. Just helps control the situation.

Or if you are driving, maybe let the folks around you know you are going  to turn left. In a store, move off to the side before stopping abruptly..( unless of course you enjoy the feeling of a shopping cart up your butt) . Saying goodbye before you hang up the phone. Telling people if you seasoned the food when cooking it, so they do not add pepper or salt to something automatically.

There is another one, for you folks with cars that have heated seats, you probably should share that with someone you are giving a ride to.

A few years ago my boss was giving me a ride to her house. My husband was going to meet me there, as he had driven me in that morning, and he had something to do that evening where she lives. It was a very cold day, and she had a very plush SUV with cream colored leather seats. I sat as still as I could, did not have any drinks in the car, just chatting away with her. As we were on the expressway, I began to feel a very unusual sensation on my butt. It was a feeling I had never experienced before, and I was worried my body was kind of short circuiting . My mind began to reel with all kinds of what ifs.. I had no idea what was happening in my pants!. The further she drove, the more intense this feeling of my butt getting hot was. Well the only time I had ever felt warmth in the butt area was once when I was a kid and I had messed my pants. So I am sitting there, chatting, but very worried about what the heck was going on. All kinds of thoughts were going through my head, and each one was followed by the thought about wishing I could hide away from the moment..and thinking about…. what ever is going on…  “Why me?”

All of the sudden she said… “If your seat gets too warm, I can turn it down for you..”…. I looked at her as she explained she had the heated seats in her car on. I am not sure if she saw the relief in my face. Internally I was laughing, externally I just said something stupid like “Oh no they are adjusted just fine !”

Yes,,in life… remember to keep others in the loop… HA…. That was such an unusual moment. Love to all,. Mrs Justa..alias Cindy… LOL Alias hotpants.