Call me sappy, call me an emotional me Gramma!

100_0067The other night we were with our 2 grandsons. Jeff and Amanda had some errands to run and well it was easier by far to leave the kids home. We had a riot with them, we played and bathed and read stories and talked and cuddled. When the evening was coming to a close, and bed time was upon them, Preston cuddled as I read him 2 books, and off he went to sleep. A half hour later I read Brandon 3 books and got him set in his bed. He was a knit blanket that he loves, and normally he wants it covering him up . AS I got the blanket to cover him he said..”gamma that goes there” as he pointed to the foot of his bed. He so carefully assisted me in the unique folding of the blanket a the foot of his bed. He did not want it on his feet. This was almost like a passion for him to make sure it was set just right. So as I covered him with other blankets,  I wondered what this blanket carefully, lovingly tucked at the foot of the bed , was all about.

Any night when I put Brandon to sleep, he always says… “Mommy and Daddy will kiss me goodnight when they get home?”" a question type way..I always tell him yes they will. That satisfies him and he lays down and goes to sleep.

When Jeff and Amanda came home,sept 2011 stuff 018 Jeff mentioned something about Brandon and his blanket, asking if he had me put it at the foot of his bed. I said yes he did, it seemed unusual, but very very important to him. Jeff than explained to me that Brandon came up with an idea. Jeff works evenings sometimes and than when he gets home, Jeff goes in to kiss Brandon goodnight. So Brandon  has his dad cover him with the blanket when he goes in to give him his kiss goodnight. That way, if Brandon wakes up during the wee hours of the morning, he sees his blanket on him, and is comforted by the fact that his dad is home, safe and came in to see him.

I gotta tell you, that is so precious for a 3 yr old to have come up with that. And I can just imagine how he must feel each night or morning when that blanket is nestled on him. 

Jeff said one night, Brandon was sleeping but awoke briefly when   Jeff came in and in his sleepy little voice he reminded  Jeff to kiss and hug his baby brother too. How wonderful the innocence of children. How precious to see kids and their parents love one another so much.

It is a precious moment I had to share… Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy.