This is where I spent the day yesterday. My younger brother needed to have a surgical procedure done and I spent the day with him.

It was a day of major reflection and a day of watching many people as they waited with the “What ifs” and the worried looks.

It was an unusual experience in a way, for I was a nurse at this hospital 17 years ago and some things were similar, but many things different. People I worked with are still there, I saw them in the halls, and in the cafeteria and in the elevator. They were not sure who I was, but they looked like they thought they knew me.

In the role of a hospital nurse, I saw a lot of people, from all walks of life. And seeing a patient in the hospital is when they are very vulnerable. They are uncomfortable sleeping there, they are out of their element, they are made to wear gowns with openings in the back, and take off everything. Strangers are coming in and doing all sorts of things… some stuff you never could have imagined. So the folks I worked with, they would not know if I looked familiar because they were my care giver. See they were in their scrubs… so that was a real give away to me.

And aged…. whoa… I always feel like I am the same… but I have no secrets… so as aged as they looked… I must look the same. I saw a doctor I used to work with in his office… and it was like looking at a photoshop aged version of him… Kind of like when in Mr Magoos Christmas Carol he is a youth, a middle aged man and a very elderly man.

No matter how long100_0213 I have been away from hospital nursing, there is a passion for it. It is my favorite type of nursing. Man being there, I just felt the hunger for it.

The school of nursing built a new building the last year I was in school. Actually my orientation for the hospital job was done at this building. I stood there and watched people going in and out… people with the passion for this type of profession, and it was like going back in the sands of time to 1986….and standing in the line the first day of school. Wow..so much has happened since than.

My brother… he should be fine…. and I was thrilled and thankful I had the time to be there with him. No one should go through surgery alone. Tomorrow is a new day, and I will be in my nursing position in a management role on the administration side of heath care. I like that too… but I truly believe I was meant for hospital nursing, and I am so very blessed to have been able to do it… I cyberly salute all those nurses who day in and day out give 100% to people in need, What a very rewarding profession to be a part of. Thank you. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy