Okay, I owe a bunch of people a HUGE apology. Yep… I am feeling a little technically challenged.. alias stupid.

I went on my “dashboard” of this blog and saw there were comments sitting there..not posted… not anywhere..just there.

See I did not really work on the intricacies of setting up the blog, so I really do not know the technical stuff about it. When I had tried to change my photo so it was mine, it got lost somewhere.  Every time I try to do setting up of computer stuff, well I feel almost like I am unqualified to go to the areas I am trying to go to. Than when what I am trying to do does not work..I use the good ol back arrow and proceed down the road I have been on.

So sorry folks… I have not been snubbing you off , I just did not know how to get your comments on there. Maybe now will be better. HA… I LMAO when I read this one from quite a while ago that said basically it was pretty bad ( or pathetic) I had to comment on my own post. !! That is funny, cuz that is how it appears. We are still working on that one. See Mark ( my hubby) started this a LONG time ago… he had 2 blogs.  To keep this one going when he was feeling really overwhelmed with the 2 of them, he asked me to be a guest or ghost writer. Well I am one of the guests that never leaves… Heck I have been doing this for 2 + years now. Someday I will figure out how to make it clear that it is  me posting a comment or him. Until than.. If you see a comment like “Nice post Dear” …it is not me writing that to myself.

Life is advancing so quickly that it is tough 100_6548to stay caught up  on the technical challenges . I had to laugh today..I was warming up my lunch and there is a fireplace surrounded by a love seat and 2 comfy chairs for people to relax in on their lunch. Well the love seat had 2 people on it and each chair had folks nestled into them.. 3 of the 4 were reading e books..and the one was reading a real book. How totally weird it was the the person reading the real book looked like the one out of place.

Our3 yr old  grandson yesterday held up his dads I Phone and showed us a video clip of himself demonstrating a stuffed snoopy coming down the chimney—like Santa..and bopping his head. I do not even know how to turn on an IPhone and here is a 3 yr old navigating to the video clips.

Yes we ( me) have to stay alert… try to stay abreast of the continuous changes… or in a blink  of an eye.. we will have no idea how t get through a day..

Now off I am to see if I can clear up this double identity my husband and I share…

wish me luck..and have a great night…

Love the technically challenged at times…Mrs Justa alias Cindy