Some end 8-11 and fair 9-2-11 005As I worked though the exercise regimen at the gym today, I found myself feeling extremely thankful for being blessed to have the ability to work out at whatever degree of activity I can achieve. Not everyone has that ability. As much as it can be tough at times, I try to overcome the toughness, get lost in songs on the MP3 and begin playing mind games to get the hr to hour and a half work out in. I found myself feeling blessed that my heart can tolerate the activity. No matter what level we can work at.. if we just work at that level..and do not let time pass by…. than we are doing okay. The gym we go to now is a humble place really, there is not a lot of arrogance or people looking in the reflection as they walk by it. People seem to be from all levels of ability, all ages….and they are doing the best they can. I like it because I feel like everyone is there for themselves, and no one is watching each other.

I did the weekly shopping today, and when I do, I am always humbled by those who struggle much harder than I to get to and through the grocery store. The amazing thing to me is they are not least not in public. They take the challenges that they are dealing with and they move on. It was not a super cold day, but the wind was nipping at exposed skin, and there was enough humidity in the air, that I was chilled walking to and from the car. sept 2011 stuff 004As I got out of my toasty warm car, remote in hand, I heard joking, laughing..I looked up to be blessed with seeing a woman on a scooter- she appeared to be pretty out of shape, a rather thick sweater and a blanket over her shoulders like a shawl. She had just come out of the grocery store, and was walking with a girl who appeared to be in her teens. They had grocery bags stuffed in every possible area on the woman’s lap and in a basket on the back of the scooter.

I have no idea how many blocks they had to go…but they we enjoying each other,and the journey was not an issue. It was a fact of life. I felt almost ashamed as I looked back at my car…. thinking that if someone had said to me…. “Today you go to the store on this scooter..and you figure out how to get from here to there with the groceries…”..I think I would have felt like I was being abused in a way….

“God will not look you over for medals,

degrees or diplomas but for scars.”

Elbert Hubbard

How true that is to me.

There are people at all different economic levels with all different challenges.. It is not the challenge that matters as much as how it is dealt with. … it reminds me of being a child…. and how poor we were..yet we never really knew it. Because our mom made life be. She did not ever complain about how she would pay for the groceries..or the next bill… she more so created an environment where we learned to become creative to make it through life.

We shoveled snow, we had a manual mower, we quadrupled a cookie recipe to stretch out the chips, we wore hand me down clothes, we made things for gifts….life was rewarding because we had air to breathe, people who loved us, somewhere to lay our heads at night.

So as I drift off to sleep tonight…I hope that the dreams are calming and tomorrow is another day to continue to appreciate life for all it offers. I hope if anyone is going through the times of life when scars are being started..that they have someone to help them take the next step. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy