A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walk out.
– Walter Winchell

100_2447I truly believe that if through life you are fortunate to have ONE real friend, well you are very blessed. If you have more than  one, well that is a blessing that some do not have.

There are work friends or gym friends or soft ball friends or church friends. But if you could count just one person who meets this quote from Walter Winchell, than you have something special.

Mark has a true friend who walks in when everyone else would be walking out. This guy and Mark have known each other for 43 or so years. When I had met Mark I did not know this friend, not until maybe 5 years into our relationship, out of the clear blue, Mark had picked up the phone and said..I think this is a buddy of mine. It was weird, because Mark and he were from a town 2 hrs away..and to have both settled down in the same area..in this vast world..so they could reconnect—well that is totally amazing.

Since they reconnected, it was like they had never been apart. And his friend has visited him in his feeling ill moments, has visited him when emotionally things were kind of unsettled. When his friend had surgery, Mark was there for him too. We get together weekly and sometimes during the week they may go to lunch . He is truly blessed to have a good friend like that.

I have one friend too, who no matter what,she would be there. We too had a few years that separated us in contact..but never in spirit. She is unbelievably like me too. I mean like we are from the same mold. She has photos of places she and I have been in the 70s—same concerts—way before we ever knew each other. She and I met in 1995 , my first day of work..she and I had on the same dress… we like the same stores, we speak for each other. There are times we come to work in the same color coordination. It is just weird. She knows me sometimes better than I know myself.

100_2824Who are you a true friend to? Is there at least one person in your life, that when they were down and out…that you would reach out your time, a hand, and help?

In my life, there have been people I thought were friends, but their friendship could turn on and off like a light switch. Or if I was really down, or really sick, they were out of touch. I fortunately married a true friend, and I hope he believes he did too.

I wish for each of you to be, and recognize and appreciate at least one good friend. There was another saying that I heard a long time ago…

“The tragedy of life is not that

it ends so soon,

but that we wait so long to begin it.”  annonymous

Don’t wait, call that friend and enjoy the moments we have.

Love Mrs Justa..alias CIndy