Whether you think you can or think

you can’t, you’re right.

– Henry Ford


On a daily basis I feel there are times when I am challenged with can I or can’t I choices…. Life is filled with opportunities to say I think I can.. or I know I can’t. I think it is often   easier for people to say “I can’t” because that closes the chapter to that challenge or opportunity. Poof..chapter closed… do not have to look at it… do not have to open the next chapter.

But to think “I can” well that opens doors to turn the rocks of life over and see what is under them. To look deep inside ourselves and see how creative we can be to take on the challenge and see how well we come out in the end of that next chapter.


Where would we be if no one took the challenge to figure out how to get over the rivers, steams and bays? Where would we be if no one took the initiative to find a way to propel ourselves down the road? Where would we be if people did not take the time to figure out what causes diseases,  injuries, health issues….

we would be a nation of people , stranded from travel, dying at young ages, walking everywhere.

It is amazing as I type on this keyboard that at one point I was a tiny baby..I knew nothing, I could not walk, talk, feed my self, cloth myself…and even before I could rationalize  the thought that I could do it… I did do it. We all as infants chose to learn to walk, talk, eat, and become dependent… but than…after climbing so many mountains in life… we stop..and it becomes easier to think..”I can’t do ____” whatever we are challenged with.

My mom used to say..”The easy way is normally not the right way..” and “you have to work for what you are going after in life.” How true that is….nothing that is“ too good to be true..” is worth going after. 100_4061

Look back at your own life… the things you remember, the things that brought you the most satisfaction… did you work for them..or were they just laid in your lap?

For me… I worked HARD to make the things most worthwhile in my life exist…

So tonight I say… take the high road… climb the mountains of life… turn those stones…and find satisfaction at the end of each journey..

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy