100_2158Okay..we escaped the heavy heavy snow, but got some. And the wind was really whipping around, cold..really really cold. Mark drove me in ( THANKS MARK) and today was flurries..sometimes squalls..but not much accumulation. I am wondering where the wind stopped…cuz wherever it stopped—there has to be a lot of snow.

Mark had asked if I minded driving home, which I did not. I was driving along 55 mph, on a 2 lane road, quite a few people behind and in front of me, and out of nowhere..this jerk gets in the passing lane ( in a NO PASSING AREA) and passes about 6 of us. Cutting sharply in and out of traffic.. all the way up the road this person continued to do the same thing. Oncoming traffic did not matter to this creep. Man he (or she) really frosted my butt. I began to think that people like that not only take their own life in their hands but everyone around them .

Here we are..all keeping our space, 100_4299driving to wherever we belong, and in a blink of an eye..some inconsiderate moron could end it for us. Man… life is so unpredictable.

I wonder what would make people be so “It’s all about me” ish.  What makes a person decide that what they have to do is more important than anyone else? There was a movie on the other day and there was this scene where a guy was at the check out, asking questions to the clerk..this chick comes in-impatient as all get out..and interrupts and kind of pushes her way to the cashier… The guy steps back and says something like “After you..obviously you are more important than I am..” I loved it!!! Haven’t you ever been in that situation? Where you are taking your turn and some bulldozer winch comes and tries to ( or successfully ) cuts you off at the pass.

GRRR>that is when I take a super deep breath and think..forgive them—for they know no better..they are butt-holes… Than my mind goes to left field and I think about how their spouse must feel..or their children..their bosses.. or their poor parents. I am comforted by the fact that in a moment –they will be gone—and I am the fortunate 100_2863one..for I am not related to them… I place them in scenarios… like making them wait at a ticket line FOREVER>.. or making them sit there after their hair is half way through.. kind of take a phone call and make them sit there… I bet they would finish their hair on their own !.

The world is turning into an instant demand place..we need to slow down.. we need to stop and remember that we all have the same right to be where we are…and we all need to be respected for being there..

Peace, patience, love, life…. Mrs Justa alias Cindy