HAPPY NEW YEAR..they all were saying as they toasted one another with apple cherry juice .

A year has yet passed again, and now I am thinking about all the end of year stuff. Pulling all the receipts from the files, entering the last few weeks of spending money for 2011 and getting tallies going for taxes.

My very least favorite time of year..just because it seems like there is a lot to do, and than  snow time seems to consume us…. We are being predicted up to maybe 12 inches of snow by Tues mid morning, and I just have not psyched myself to be ready for that. We will put chili in the crock pot, ewe have lots of coffee, tea and shovels and a snowblower..so we are as ready as we can be. I plan to get to the gym in the morning before it hits and we need to make sure we have gas for the snow blower… ugg… one day closer to Spring..gotta keep telling myself that.

My mom seemed to be coming at me hard and fast today..with all those saying she used to say.. All the things I needed to remember…like “Haste makes waste.” Man is that true. I was flitting around the kitchen rather faster than I should and knocked the broom over, pushed over a glass… so I slowed down ..as I heard her chanting that into my poor little brain,

She used to say 100_0185“being a parent is like being on stage every minute of every day, your children watch you as if you are a star, wanting to be like you”

and she would say that “the innocence of a child is the most precious gift.”

As I watch the grandchildren, I am reminded of that so many times.

Mark started saying to the grandkids during the summer…..”This is living..doesn’t get any better than this..” It is so neat to hear them say it out of the clear blue…

We only live once.. 100_0196mom used to remind me that..and as each day passes..it is something we need to remember every second. When a child asks you to play a game, read a book… STOP…do not waste the moment being “TOO BUSY” … if you are too busy too often…they stop asking. That 15 minutes of your life is a memory for the child, and a way for that child to feel wanted.




Life is here until it is not… be careful with those moments you have been given. As each second goes by, I think about life being a bunch of droplets. one by one dripping off… which ones will be remembered? Which ones will just soak into the ground and be gone.

Make them special…

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy