Wow 2011 is coming to and end in one day. Gee…I do not have nearly everything I set out to do last January…I wanted a lot more out of me…., to have written a book, and won the lottery, and learned something new.

Well… I guess if I was not specific..this blog is kinda like a book, and I ache a little more in the morning( so that is more out of me) , and I did win a few 2.00 scratch off lottery tickets, and I have learned that life is never guaranteed to bring you what you think you want. So I guess, if I really stretch..maybe I kind of achieved my desires for 2011.

We are surviving, we have had some ups and downs, and we are still standing. I made it through being 57… I dreaded that entire 12 mos, cuz my dad was 57 when he died, and everyone in the family always said that the Gaines’s die at 57 quite often.. so I made it through that.

Caleb, Mackenzie, Rochester, Sept 30 2011 0062011 brought us a 4th grandchild…that is priceless… and we finally got a hard shell camper… after 57 years of tents, pop ups and worrying about touching the canvas.. we finally made it to being one of the “old folks” with a hard shell.  ( We will be 74 when it is pd for…but what the heck… keeping the economy going..right?)

We learned we can not trust the 401 K plans, and we can not trust the elected officials to bring about “CHANGE” like they promised.. Oh we have gotten change… but it was not the picture that was drawn.

Life has taught me 11-12-11 thanksgiving with our kids and their kids 016that childhood is too short, and toddlers are God’s gift … they bring magic to the room, they bring wonder and they want to be just like their parents and love life.

2011 started out with tons of snow, and reminded us that we can make it through some pretty scary days. The folks in the Northeast—well we are used to snow and we have highway crews who respect it.

100_3761We were reminded that no matter how much you wish for life to continue, no matter how much money you try to spend for health. that life hurts..and we lose lives that meant a lot to us…and am very thankful for the few photos we have, to remind us of how blessed we were to share our lives together….


As we end the year, I am going to shed a bit of trivia… do you know what “aude lang syne” means?? It means  "times gone by." It is always funny to hear people sing it when they have no idea what is is saying… it is like listening to a chorus of hooked on phonics… some will sing out like no ones business any of these phrases…….                        Far hold ang zyne  or

For old aunt Gzyne  or

Farheld ang zyne  or

Farheld ang sign or

For old ang sign –not having a clue what they are singing..but they know it must be meaning something to someone.

So for all you New Year’s Evers… sing it proud as “Aude Lang Syne” and know now you are singing about the times that have passed..the good ol days…

Love to all.. Happy New Year…. Mrs Justa alias Cindy( thanks google free clip art for the images!!)