One more day of a week that has been super busy. Holiday weeks are tough to begin with because people want them off. When we give folks days off at the holidays, we know we are going to miss them. The work continues, and we all like when we too get vacation, but it is hard when we are not full staffed. Than add a long holiday weekend, and well it just gets kinda crazy. But I guess it is good that I love going to work each day.

This week imagewe had the added stress of WINTER. decided to come and visit us in the upstate NY area. Cold, blowing snow, black ice, frozen nose hairs, thick coats, walking like a penguin, comforters nestled tightly around the shoulders, warming the car , shoveling pathways, driving slower, being super aware of the idiots driving around you… yes WINTER HAS ARRIVED>

I knew winter would come, and it is so comforting to hear the furnace come on and off. I have had soup for lunch and dinner for a few days, there are thing that bring comfort in the winter months.
Syracuse Chiefs - Alliance Bank StadiumLike the sign by the ball park in Syracuse. Every day it counts down how many days are left before opening season. (Kinda like my “one day closer to Spring philosophy”)
well today is was 98 days ! hey that is not bad… 3 months and a couple days.. We can do this… Another theory I have as winter bites this area is &(seven) lousy driving days a year is what I feel we average. We in my humble opinion- yesterday was day one. So 6 more lousy days till Spring. See how my warped mind works – my “Pollyanna “ outlook… it is just a way to keep one foot in front of the other. It keeps me sane in a rather unpredictable world…

So in this sometimes crazy, 018always interesting, unpredictable life we have… I find peace in my optimism. I hope you have some sunshine even on the gloomiest of days… and if you are in snow country… just remember.. we are thru November..almost through December..and in February/March —things start to warm up some. We have a January thaw… a February thaw…. ahhh… tulips will be here before you know it !!.

Love to all… a rather chilled Mrs Justa… alias Cindy