fallKind of depressing task we are about to undertake.. ( ooo that is not an appropriate word for this task…) going over our “Last Will and Testament “ to make sure it is still what we want them to say. It is very weird to write down what my wishes are after I die. It brings death closer to the surface. Not that I plan on going anywhere yet… but my life on earth is a temporary stop to my real home..where I hope someday I am headed to. (Just not too soon!)

As we scan over what we wrote 10+ years ago, we have found a few areas that definitely need tweaking. I have been through experiences where people have died without a will, and what a pain in the neck… the estate becomes “intestate” which means the NYS takes over the estate and the state divides the assets of the deceased according to the law. This takes a really long time, and it drags out, it really causes unnecessary pain and stress to those left behind.

So we are trying to make sure our wills are up to date. Fortunately the lawyer who we worked with in 2001 is still around , so at least we do not have to start at square one.

I want my passing to go smoothly..well as smoothly as possible..I also want it to be at least 50 years from now !By than our grandkids will be in their 50s, and our kids pushing 80. Than I will believe I have lived a full life.

I find myself wondering Preload 12how IT will happen.. it is kind of scary to me to think one moment you are here and the next you are gone. I want everything clearly done, the bills, the insurance info, the clutter out of my life and not to burden anyone with it.
Have you ever known a situation when a person dies and the loved ones are left almost overwhelmed with everything the person had..and having to clear it out.  Worried about missing something important, yet kind of in shock going through the persons life.

When my mom died I remember she had bought Christmas presents throughout the year. She died in November ( on the 3rd) and as we worked through each nook and cranny we found these gifts , unwrapped, hidden in a closet. It was so difficult to try to get into her head and figure out which item was for which person.

She did have a will, but it left out a lot of stuff…she had 76 years of stuff… bless her heart, she tried, but as we worked to go through every area of the house… we came across a lot we knew nothing about what it was ..what it stood for..what it meant to her. At that moment, I realized all I thought I knew about her…there was much I did not know..and it was too late.

It is impossible to cover every inch of our lives, to open our memories to those left behind. To make sure that people know what they meant to us… FOr me, I want to  have things in such a way , that people remember me for being me..and not for my disorganization…

I will try to have as much in order as possible. Depressing as it is… if we accept life.. we accept death too. Can not have one without the other. I just want to delay for MANY years the second half…

If you do not have a will… I would recommend having one.. it gives YOU the power to make life a little easier for those in your life… spouses, siblings, pets, charities..whatever is important to you alive.

Love to all. Mrs Justa..alias Cindy..