whoa.. all of the sudden the four days that seemed to be a really long time , well they are gone. Tomorrow is work for 4 days than off for 3 more.

Tomorrow is gonna be tough.. we were closed Fri thru Monday- so we will have 4 days of clinical information on patients to review. We love the time off… but gotta tell ya..the day after a holiday weekend is beyond busy!. Fortunately I work with people who care about their jobs and are committed to help each other out.

So Christmas 2011 is now a Christmas past. 100_0158That seems weird. Santa and his soldiers are nestled back in the shed, the tree is apart an in it’s tree bag, the ornaments and decorations wrapped in paper towels and tissues and secured in their boxes, all sleeping for another year.

The house seems kinda sterile looking when the colored lights are all packaged up.

It feels good, but sort of depressing… that magic is a memory.

We taped a Christmas movie,,a chick flick and watched it while the Christmas cheer was being packed up in tight little spaces. As I reflect on the days that have passed, it is kind of melancholy. It was different not buying for our own  kids or each other, just for the grand kids…. ..but we were definitely filled with the magic of Christmas through the eyes of the children. There was less stress with trying to figure out what someone would want, and it really brought down the materialistic part of Christmas.

We drove around and looked 100_0128at Holiday lights on Christmas Eve. There is one house that is really cool. These people have over 60 inflatable decorations that they put out…

The have music playing and lights flickering and flashing, and the really cool thing is they have bins where people can donate canned goods and non perishables, which they give  to the food pantry at the church these people go to.

Wow.. how neat…     

   Yesterday Mark and I were together for our Christmas meal.. I did roast beef  in the crock pot, Yorkshire pudding and a veggie. Again.. no major pigging out –we ended the evening with fresh baked gingerbread..

J100_0159eff, Amanda, Preston and Brandon came over mid morning and left about 12:30..and for lunch we just did soup and sandwiches.. which was nice too. No pressure of trying to fit a huge meal all together , (as Jeff had to work evenings today..) ..and we just did big meals for Thanksgiving…

Christmas… there is an advertising slogan… Let’s put Christ back in Christmas… ( because people use Xmas for Christmas..) but in church Pastor Carl said… Let’s put Christ back in the other 364 days of the year too…. how true that is..

I hope the holidays have been okay for you… and that you did not get that NASTY stomach bug that seems to be going around… ( throw up and die stuff..yuck..) fortunately for me and Mark –as of right now..we have not been sickened with it… but many others have.

Enjoy the last few days of 2011…. 2012 will hopefully bring us good luck and a NEW PRESIDENT!. Love to all.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy