Today is day one of 4 off from work. It is kinda weird having both Fri and Monday off as holiday days..but today I will not be complaining about it… now on Tues. after being off for 2 business days…well that might be a totally different me coming out of the cyber world.

Today was a multitude of tasks day. Last night we did our weekly grocery shopping, as we had a funny feeling today was going to be starting the final Christmas push.

This morning I got up and Mark was sleeping. SO I thought I would finally try out the

the “Eggies” … he bought them in July and I just have not gotten to try them,

We got 1,2 and 3 egg size..the bigger ones you can mix 2 eggs with ingredients for an omelet and you are supposed to be able to put it in this contraption.

Than you put them in a pot with warm water, deep enough water that these thing-a-ma-jigs float..and boil for 15 –20 minutes.. WHAT A WASTE OF $$ and 4 eggs!. Geesie… first there were strings of egg stuff in the water… and than the one came apart a little and gobs of egg stuff was all over the water, and when we decided to cease the operation ( 5 minutes into it) – the other one kinda exploded… looked like someone hurled their breakfast in the pot of water… GROSS to the MAX>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So the Eggies are no longer… out in the trash… unbelievable what a rip off they were…

Than let’s see—off to run a few errands and head to the gym. I went to Save A Lot first to get stuff for home made soups and I found out I needed a few more ingredients for the preparations of 3 different Christmas Treats. I got most stuff there. At Save A Lot there was this petite lady with a smile that not only went from ear to ear..but I think it wrapped around her head 3 times too. Her Christmas gift to herself was she paid her mortgage was her last payment. She was talking to everyone and anyone in her area..saying for 8 years she did not buy a lot at the holidays and she  was careful with every penny…and in 8 yrs her mortgage was paid off. ( I have no idea how big her mortgage was..but that is very nice..) We were all congratulating her and she was so thrilled..she said she will never have to worry about the bank again.

Than I went to K MArt to look for a ME gift. Each year Mark and I buy something for ourselves, wrap it and that is our Christmas gift. It is impossible to find anything for my gift. Finally I found ( shh it is a secret… Do not tell me !!) a thin weather/radio AC/DC for the bathroom. I have a big ass one in  there now and it takes up 1/2 the counter, and I got a pair of black jeans, and water filter for our Kehrig. So I am all set now. ( The pathetic thing is when we did this last year..we did it in November… … HA!!!!!!!!we forgot what we got ourselves and were surprised when we open it. ( Getting old has many perks LOL)

I zoomed over to Byrne Dairy ( milk from a local plant… in glass bottles… doesn’t get better than that !)

Than off to the Fastrac for fuel, and the gym for some relaxation from the stress of the week by going great guns on the elliptical machine and bike.

Stopped at Walmart… and got coconut and looked for creamer…(grr) they still were out of it… and than home to make cookie batter, make no-bake cookies, and fuss free toffee.

At K I strolled around the store looking for a gift for me.. I began to wonder why do we do this anyhow? Why should we buy gifts for each other for Jesus’s birthday? It brought back memories of this same question when I was a child… it did not make sense.. but as a kid I LOVED Christmas cuz I knew we would all be giving and receiving a kid I NEVER was going to ask why the heck we buy gifts for each other?? (It is not our birthday??)… cuz I did not want the adults to agree with me… ( Call it greed I guess)

I think it is great we celebrate the Birth of Jesus…traditional  Christmas Carols ( not “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer “ kinda is not funny anymore !!LOL) … Christmas Caroling, Evening church services and wishing people Merry Christmas… that is all making sense… but this spending hundreds or thousands on gifts…. in my warped mind—if it really is a time for celebration—the gifts should go to Jesus… or go to something Jesus would give a gift to.  ( And news flash—I do not think Jesus would be buying cars, video games with killing and shooting, graphic movies, big screen TVs …. or diamonds for people) So as I wondered around.. wondering what I would like that I would not just go out and buy… I came across the radio..

At  WalMart I was watching people frantically shop… I mean some of these people had a mission and there was nothing getting in their way. I tried to focus on stuff people were saying to one another, this one husband/or significant other..said to the lady he was with..” Why did you wait till now to do this?”  Than there were 5 other male units leaning on whatever they could..watching their woman unit pick through stuff, and plop things one after another in the cart. And THAT is when it hit me… Christmas has become a chicks holiday preparation… if it was up to all the men in the world..I think the gifts bought would be much less…and there would not be all the pretty frilly Christmas Décor, the towels and sweaters and window decorations. Yep..somehow a civilization..have taken the birth of Jesus and turned it into an “all about me” holiday. The guys I saw were there, but their body language was saying I am only here because I do not want her to complain I was not there. They could not give a darn about what their partner was looking at, they were just wondering how much longer the torture was going to go on… .

Christmas is almost here… and the gym is closed on Sunday… …maybe we can go out for a stroll … the day after Christmas we will have a soup and sandwich lunch and watch Brandon and Preston open their gifts. All along,,, Christmas Carols are playing in my mind… I just love the magic, the tranquility….

Love to all… Please Stop!! and just enjoy the real meaning of Christmas.

Mrs Justa alias Cindy.