Okay..so here I go again… sorry. BUT

A mail carrier spreads cheer at the holidays and it makes a co-worker UNCOMFORTABLE! Stating that the person felt the Santa Claus was not in the government approved USPS uniform.

Give me a break.

Who the heck is this co-worker—wonder if their first name is “Ebenezer?”This has got to be someone who is just a miserable son of a gun..someone who can not stand for others to be happy.

And than what really frosts my buttinski..the USPS told “Santa” he had to stop because of this one miserable, whaa whaa coworker.

Santa Claus has been around for YEARS, Santa Claus is a sign of the season, Santa Claus delivering mail is cool. This guy has been doing this for over a decade! And one lousy stinking little voice stops the whole tradition of this jolly carrier.

Man that totally screams UNBELIEVABLE!!! And ya know what stuff like this does..it give POWER to the small little pip-squeak—and the little pip-squeak will be complaining about something else before you know it.

GRRRR>.. makes me want to scream!! I am not a rebel… but I  am someone who will share a thought, especially when it stinks like  Bull-poo…

I do not know who I am more irritated with… the wimpy complainer… or the USPS for being a wet noodle…

What about the rights of the other people involved? What about the disappointment to all those who looked forward to this display of cheer…

Yep, sorry folks..but this thing really has me all kinds of upset tonight. I will be better in the morning… and this jolly guy..I send a salute to him in a cyber-space sort of way.

I hope that the sun will rise and things will be more fair for this postal carrier, but you know what… even if they force him to take off the Santa suit.. no one… NOT the wimpy miserable person who complained.. NO ONE  ..can take away this mans peace, his smile, his love for others, his spirit.

And ya know what??? That miserable little creep… is  still going to be that same angry person…

How can they sleep at night? ( Maybe they can’t, cuz they are too darn unhappy)

Sad to say… but in a way I kinda feel sorry for the creep…To be that scroogey…. people get what is coming to them… I just gotta keep reminding myself that.

Please do not be afraid to wish other good tidings, to spread cheer….

Love to all, Mrs Justa..alias Cindy