I heard a commentator making a joke out of Christmas cards today…saying what a joke it is to send cards to people . Well I tend to disagree.

I love the Christmas season, dec 2011 002and to me..it is a time to stop and at least once a year let people know they are on your mind all year. People may send an electronic greeting… me I sit down with Mark and we get the cards out right after Thanksgiving. It is kinda of a pattern, a tradition in a way.

Thanksgiving comes and we have a family dinner either here or at my Brothers and sister-in-laws home. It is a symbol of the togetherness that fills my heart a lot—but we do so seldom. I truly love my family…

Than Friday after Thanksgiving… the Christmas tree comes from the shed , Christmas Carols from CDs play and the lights light up the tree, the plastic Santa and Soldier take their place in the house. They have earned it… I think they spent 18 Christmases outside getting blown over, tied down with bungee cords and tent stakes and cords frozen in the plastic bags they were sealed in… (This is much nicer for the figurines—and for us with take down and put up..) dec 2011 001THAN it is time for the Christmas cards. It is just how it goes. I look up the addresses of people who have meant so much to me in my life, family, friends, neighbors…and off go the cards. It is not a competition, or a roulette type game to see who sends cards back..that is not why we send them. We send them to bring a smile to those people, to give an update on how life has been the past year. Many  also share how their lives have been, and send smiles to us.

So I found offense at his humor over this part of the season that means so much to me. I know I am probably being over sensitive… but it is just such a meaningful part of the season to me.

At work we exchange them internally- so we do not have postage—just put them in the peoples in boxes… we are all taping them on our cubicles, we can look at them…  in the chaos of the day to day events of work… we have a sense of peace.

I love Christmas.. dec 2011 003the season brings to me  a feeling of comfort, a feeling of accomplishment that another year has passed, a feeling of wonder in the eyes of children everywhere, and feeling of family. The religion does not change the holiday season feeling..it changes what people celebrate, or what meaning in life they have.

For me the Story of Jesus is what I have known my whole life… I find the story amazing, magical in a way…we are individuals and with that we have the right to believe what we believe. In the stores, on the streets..I do not stop and ask people if they are Christians.. I just may say to  them a Happy Holiday, or a Merry Christmas. I hope you find some peace in this season… and that you have someone to share some time with..unless of course you prefer to be alone. Find peace though..in the craziness of the times we live in..we each need to find peace. We need the solitude of a crystal clear night, bright moon light, shining stars, quiet. 

Love to all… Cindy alias Mrs Justa…