The wonder of the season.

The smiles of children.

The magic of Christmas.

The eternal life of Santa Claus.

How can you not smile!


I found it so cool that last year100_0081 Brandon was kissing Santa… and this year Preston did. No one coached them, it was just that Santa was the same height as Brandon was last year..and Preston is this year…

The soldiers kept guard as Santa was over loaded with affection.

It was so cute. 
It made me erase everything that seems a little stressful right now, it made me get lost in their innocence.

I am trying to get used to this new camera we got last month, as my other one is have trouble with the various 100_0080buttons that get pushed. I think the contact points are just totally worn out. This is supposed to be the same model—it was not an expensive camera-but not the cheapest ones either. It is called a Kodak Easy Share—but it is tougher to get good pictures from it. They seem more grainy. I do not know why. The flash does nto always fire and the delay is really kind of annoying. I have one shot of Preston… it was really cute..but by the time the delay was over he was exiting the scene… It is kind of funny in a really annoying way… I have at least 2 shots every time I take some of what ever I am shooting—or whomever I am shooting—leaving.

I love to take photos. Some people have none..I do not understand that. Photos bring yesterday to today. MAckenzie 8-28-2011 and a few saved from before 007They capture moments that are gone for life. They remind you of times you would have forgotten. They put a scene  to a memory, a face to a person past, an image to a past pet. Like this little guy, outside our back slider..he had just consumed 15 minutes of seeds and nuts from the ground by the bird feeder.

He climbed up the steps, leaned on a clump of snow and literally stood there, looking at me , rubbing his stomach. As if to say… “I can not believe I ate the whole thing!” Years from now… I might have forgotten this once in a life time..precious moment… but a picture captured the scene..and it lives on forever.

Take time to capture moments in your life…I think you will be glad you did later…

Love always… Cindy alias Mrs Justa…