Half the weekend gone, and I guess I am pretty happy with the progress during it. I kept my promise, did not go to work.. ( although I do have work home with me ! ) We did our morning breakfast with our friends, and than we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to try to get K cups of coffee.shopping lines I could not believe the STRESS of all the people in the store. The lines were incredible and it looked like a 45 minute commitment to wait to buy one box of K cups.

So after we walked around the store, kinda feeling cheap cuz all their prices were high… we ended up not getting the coffee and scooted out of there..me feeling like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz..clicking my sneakers together saying “there is no place like home !. “I could not wait to get back to the country!

People are pushy, people are in a hurry, people are EVERYWHERE !!!!!!!!!!


Thankfully we made it back to the boonies. 100_6678

We went to Price Chopper and ended up getting 62 K cups for less than the 42 we would have been getting in BB and B. More assortment,,,and felt good about the purchase.

Off to Save A Lot… got everything there we needed, came home… got the groceries away..cut up fresh veggies for munching on… laundry is done… bread made for tomorrow, Apple Pie baking as I write, and my Christmas note is ready to go into cards, address labels are ready for the envelopes, and I am about to retreat to the living room and watch the biggest loser DVR programs.

As I typed the Christmas note.. and put in a photo of us and our grandchildren.. I smiled to myself. Because way back when—or 30 or so yrs ago..I swore I would NEVER do a Christmas note … and here I am… 36 notes to go in cards… how our outlook changes as we get older.

100_6754Just like gifts…. at one point in my childhood- it was a month prior looking at the Sears Christmas book and circling that ONE toy I wanted for Christmas.That is hard to do… choose one thing out of hundreds… . I would put a BIG “C” on the one I really wanted but than little”c’” by things just in case… Now.. I am looking forward to spending a quiet day… reflecting on how darn lucky we are to live where we live..in the country we live in.. ( even though it is kinda screwed up right now!!) at least there is not the fears that others face daily.

I wish I had a magic wand and could take away everyone’s pain, and make it a fair world..where children were all loved, and people felt good about themselves..and people cared for one another. A world where there was not materialism, and people could find jobs, and arrogance was not in existence… that would be great…

Please avoid the stress from others.. if you have to shop—go on week day evenings..stay away from stores at noon on weekends… sit back and share some quiet time with some one you love.. or a good book… Enjoy the magic.. Love to all.. Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy