Finally Friday is here and ya know what .. I am NOT going in to work tomorrow.. No siree… I worked last weekend, the week before and the Sunday before that… So as I sit here..thinking about the weekend about to come, I know it is going to be busy. It is a happy busy though.

work amd Oct 2011 059I am going to start thinking about Christmas and what to do for gifts. Mark and I are going to get things for the grandkids..but our kids.. we are going to back off getting them gifts-or them getting us gifts. Christmas is not a time that people should feel financially stressed about. Let our kids spend their money on their children, their families.. we are okay… we are blessed with them and their kids..that is plenty. 

Christmas is about Christ—not who got who what. (Hence the name Christmas) I am troubled by the way saying Merry Christmas is almost a federal offense to some. How schools in certain areas are not 100_6752_editedallowing kids to exchange gifts, no Santa is allowed in the school, there are schools totally not allowing kids to wear or decorate with red and green.

Give me a break… we need to get government out of our every breath we take. We need to not have our kids fear for expulsion from school for drawing a cross, or for loving the Christmas season. Christmas parties at school were things I remember, our tree in our classroom, making paper chains, stringing popcorn, singing Christmas carols and having Christmas concerts, Christmas caroling at night and than having hot chocolate. We need to stop making  vulgarity  okay words  and Christ a word of shame.

I have found out a very long time ago that there is comfort in being a Christian. When I am focusing on God, I find peace in the worst times. Children need to be cuddled, children need to feel safe, children need to have the wonder of Christmas a part of their life. When I was in school there were kids who were Jewish, and we celebrated their holiday too. We made Menorahs, we learned about their religion, and they celebrated ours too. There are many religions in the world, and even though they have different traditions, they gather people together who believe like they do..who fill their lives with faith.

It seems our society is so afraid of leaving someone out or offending someone, that we have come up with rules, laws , punishments that instead of bringing us together as a people..we are dividing us more out of fear of saying or doing the wrong thing.

I100_6755 am not well versed on religion , but I know it is a faith..for we will not know all the answers until we die, and than it is kind of late to find out maybe you should have had more faith a few minutes/day/years before your death. For those who totally do not believe, I guess that is your right-if you are looking at the here and now being all there is… but for those of us who also do believe  in Christ, in his birth, in the story of Jesus..that is our right too. There has to be a common ground…

I feel we are becoming such a culture of entitlement, a culture of not caring for our neighbors , a culture of “what’s in it for me” and not sharing  , that in my humble opinion—I truly believe that people are forgetting that this is a temporary path to an eternal life… and to punish children for celebrating Christmas… for following the beliefs of the religion they have grown up with…well we are doing an injustice to them.

We need to bring back the magic of Christmas…before it is too late.

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias CIndy