I wish I could save all who are hurting from their pain. It seems that sometimes life just hurts. There has been a lot of publicity on kids who have been victims to  abuse. I find that so hard to fathom. sept 2011 stuff 006

How could anyone want to harm a child? I just do not understand….Damn.. the perpetrators should never be set free… should never be able to hurt another… and the kids—I wish there was a way to turn back the clocks and take away the pain.

Abuse is not short lived. The moments that it actually happen, they come and go—but the abuse—it stays in the cob webs of the minds of the victims for their life. Something can trigger the moment to surface, and depending on how strong the trigger is,,the person can relive the pain.

Personally for me…. as a 19 yr old.. there were times that were awful. I was in a relationship that was totally abusive… And even though I try to keep them in the back of my mind.. far far away from the surface… something will happen and they are there. I can not imagine if I had been a young child….

When abuse happens, you can not understand the whys… you can not understand the fear.. you can not understand the reasoning.. you figure if they keep quiet..things will get better. 

So I wish I could help those who have been hurt, to help those who do not have the strength to come to the surface and face the issue…

And for the people who commit the crimes—I am sorry..but I do not feel pity for you… I can not…. I feel distaste… I feel anger… I feel disbelief. I can not understand it…

If you know of someone who might be in an abusive relationship— reach out… when I was…people turned their heads.  I wish someone would have pulled me aside and said it did not have to be that way… There is a song that I sing—“Concrete Angel” it is tough to listen to,, but everyone should…

Peace to all.. I am off to make dinner for tomorrow night… Love always.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy